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The updated services offered by Justice Guardians Allentown include experienced legal counseling for families and guardians of children who have been injured in traffic accidents. The contingency-based practice educates affected parties on their rights and the feasibility of securing compensation for the medical and psychological costs borne by the victims and their caretakers.

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Attorneys at the Justice Guardians division in Allentown will now help victims obtain compensation for their losses and financial wherewithal to get back on their feet. The law practice also now offers a 24/7 accident helpline for victims and their families.

In 2020, over 60,000 people were hurt in car accidents in Pennsylvania, many of them teens and children. Under Pennsylvania law, a parent can sue on behalf of their child for an injury. According to Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations, parents have two years from the accident date to file a personal injury claim.

The team at Justice Guardians recognizes that additional factors may come into play when children are involved in auto accidents – from the caretaker’s own role to the possibility that the child was being driven by a family friend or even a school representative.

However, the same legal principles apply in all cases. While auto accident lawsuits are usually filed against the driver whose actions or failure to act resulted in the crash, there are frequently other parties that may be named including towns and counties, bars and restaurants, manufacturers, and auto shops.

Since Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, when a driver needs damages to be reimbursed after an accident, they must always turn to their own insurance coverage first, until their own insurance policy’s coverage maximum has been reached. Justice Guardians’ attorneys can discuss the case with the insurance company on the client’s behalf. An experienced traffic accident attorney knows how to convince the insurance provider to provide the benefits that the client is entitled to. A legal representative will also let clients know if there are any additional options for compensation besides the standard claim, and when a lawsuit might be warranted.

One client commented: “The staff at the Allentown location of this law firm is extremely professional, and whenever I needed assistance, a member of their legal team was always available to help. Recently, my case was successfully resolved, and I was thrilled with the outcome. I will be highly recommending this firm to all of my friends and family. Thank you.”

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