Allentown Car Accident Injury Lawyers | No-Win, No-Fee Representation Launched

Given Pennsylvania’s two-year statute of limitations for car accident claims, the newly announced contingency fee policy offered by the Allentown, PA auto accident law firm is part of its latest offerings to encourage those injured in a road accident in 2022 to contact its team to begin legal proceedings.

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With the latest no-win, no-fee service, victims will receive expert legal representation at no charge, unless compensation is obtained, along with no-obligation consultations, where the Justice Guardians team will be available to review clients’ claims and answer clients’ questions regarding their cases.

As Justice Guardians explained, under Pennsylvania law, a driver who was injured or experienced property damage because of someone else’s negligence will have to rely on their insurance policy to cover the cost of their damages. It is only after reaching their coverage limit that the injured driver can seek to recover compensation from the other driver’s insurance.

Since insurance companies often look out for their bottom line by seeking to reduce the amount they pay out, the firm recommends victims enlist the services of experienced traffic accident lawyers like its team to help negotiate with the providers on both sides for the maximum compensation possible.

The attorneys from Justice Guardians focus on securing a settlement that adequately covers the victim’s medical expenses, lost wages, and physical and emotional traumas.

They will also explore other legal avenues besides the insurance claims their clients can pursue to recover damages. This may include identifying and making a claim against other liable parties, such as car manufacturers, mechanics, and local governments.

Justice Guardians represent clients in traffic crash claims involving all types of vehicles, including trucks, buses, and motorcycles. The firm fights to see that justice is done and that its clients’ rights are protected.

A spokesperson said, “Our lawyers understand the many ways an auto accident can affect victims–that’s why we fight for compensation on their behalf.”

With the new contingency fee-based service, Justice Guardians is providing legal solutions in which financial considerations are not a hindrance to justice for Allentown locals.

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