Allentown Birth Injury Medical Malpractice Lawyer, Expert Attorney Update

The personal injury lawyers are currently taking on new medical malpractice clients in the area, offering to represent those suffering from birth injuries that were caused by the negligence of a doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider.

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Through its no-win, no-fee policy, the service update ensures that birth injury victims can access the legal representation they need to recover compensation when they are affected by medical malpractice. Learn more by visiting

Justice Guardians have litigated cases involving infants that suffered nerve and tissue damage at birth that resulted in permanent conditions such as brachial plexus, Erb’s, and cerebral palsy. From facial paralysis to bone fractures, there are many types of birth trauma that cause newborns life-changing injuries and that leave parents paying for ongoing medical bills and additional support that the child needs, such as mobility aids and round-the-clock care.

A spokesperson for the firm explains that, “When this medical malpractice occurs, the parents of the injured baby have the right to take steps to obtain the compensation that will help them create a brighter future for their child.”

After a consultation, its medical malpractice lawyers will advise victims on the options they have at their disposal to recover damages. This may include filing a claim against a hospital, medical practitioner, or other healthcare providers. Justice Guardians will take the necessary steps to maximize the chances that the victims can obtain maximum compensation for the physical and emotional trauma they have suffered due to a birthing injury, as well as to recuperate the cost of past and future medical expenses and lost income.

The personal injury attorneys also have experience helping clients file birth injury cases where the primary victim was the mother. For example, they have sought restitution for medical mistakes such as improperly performed c-sections or physical trauma caused by the incorrect use of forceps.

On behalf of the firm, Laurence Banvile, Esq. said, “Our attorneys are committed to defending the rights of families wronged by the medical professionals whom they trusted.”

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