Ali Dawood: The young man and the mind behind “Sneaker Heads,” a one-of-a-kind NFT collection

He is the one who has meticulously designed each piece for the collection and has inspired many others out there in the industry.

To be a part of a particular industry known for its volatility and making sure to put every effort to make it big in the same deserves applause and appreciation. Only a few courageous people have made it huge in the digital financial industry and the whole of the Defi space. Though more and more people and professionals are now vying to be a part of the industry, still not all have shown the confidence as they are aware of how challenging it can get if not done right. However, people and entrepreneurs like Ali Dawood are shining bright and how in the industry and making sure to give it their all in all that they choose to lay their hands on.

Ali Dawood stands tall and unique in the Defi space, for he has now created and designed an incredible NFT collection called “Sneaker Heads.” This young entrepreneurial talent from LA, the US, is gradually making his name prominent in the field with his one-of-a-kind collection that radiates his brilliance and his exceptional ideas and passion for the field. Talking more about what Sneaker Heads are, Ali Dawood says that they are a fashion collection of sneakers living on the Ethereum blockchain. They are all about crazy aesthetics and strong personalities that are on their way to being released soon. Ali Dawood, as a creative personality, is known in the industry for his unique designs, and now he can’t wait for people to own this particular NFT collection.

Actively supporting NFTs on his socials, his Twitter is filled with valuable information about crypto and NFTs and also showcases the many collaborations he makes in the industry. He mentions how things never happened overnight, and he had to work incessantly to make this possible, but it’s all worth the wait as Sneaker Heads has already created much noise in the NFT space for being so unique and high-quality pieces.