Market Watch

Ali Afnan, aged 23 is changing the game for eCommerce brands. He is putting a massive emphasis on consulting small-sized brands and developing a roadmap for success

His achievements include consulting some major B2B companies and helping generate leads through Google and Linkedin ads. He also cites a massive driver for success within his portfolio to brands caring about nurturing their customer.

“Oftentimes, B2B brands don’t realize that quality customer service during the sales process is just as important for them as it is for D2C brands” says Ali. His emphasis on channels like email marketing, chat-bot implementation, and developing a quality follow-up cadence has shown a night and day impact on his companies business.

He explains how the customer journey for B2B customers is no different than the average person shopping for clothes on Amazon. Customers across the board have come to accept a standard for online shopping, and want quality service in all their transactions.

Ali now takes his expertise toward helping D2C apparel and health brands and helps scale businesses through paid media buying and quality content creation. His brands are seeing tremendous success in the height of the eCommerce boom, post-COVID.