Alexandria, VA 1099 Contractor Tax Planning & Year End Reporting Service Updated

The latest solutions focus on the needs of self-employed workers and include 1099 contractor tax planning and filings. With year-end approaching, the company also offers assistance with the use of correct reporting forms, such as Nonemployee Compensation (NEC), 1099-MISC, and 1099-INT documents.

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While more workers are attracted to the flexibility offered by contract employment, NumberSquad states that many are unsure how to comply with taxation laws. With the most recent update, the firm offers an affordable outsourcing solution designed to manage tax filing, as well as identify any applicable tax deductions.

According to a recent report from Upwork, independent freelancing continues to grow and now contributes approximately $1.3 trillion to the US economy. Freelancers identify several key benefits, including career ownership, the ability to work remotely, and flexibility in work schedules and locations. Over 50% of the non-freelancers state that they are likely to do freelance work in the future.

As specialists in small business taxation, NumberSquad has developed its latest services to ensure that freelance and other independent workers are provided with up-to-date advice and support. The Biden administration is currently considering revisions to laws surrounding independent contractors, and the firm states that the landscape is likely to evolve further in the coming years.

Along with tax filing, NumberSquad offers assistance with longer-term tax planning, designed to maximize growth for small business clients. Services can include business income estimation, expense determination, tax credit identification, and more.

About NumberSquad

Focused on small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs, NumberSquad offers comprehensive accounter services at cost-effective rates. Accounter is a bookkeeping and tax preparation service tailored to Small Businesses, Business Owners, and Self Employers. In addition to 1099 contractors, the company supports most other business structures, including LLCs, S-Corporations, and non-profits.

One small business owner recently stated: “We’ve been working with NumberSquad for more than 6 years. When we started expanding our business, they did a great job by taking care of our tax issues. The team is very friendly and professional. As an owner of a small business, I highly recommend their services.”

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