Alberta Laser Skin Treatment For Medspa Workers, Hybrid Training Courses Update

By expanding into new realms of laser skincare, Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy looks to equip rising aestheticians with a wider range of cosmetic treatment skills. Its newest courses offer theoretical and practical study opportunities examining hair removal and Sharplight-guided procedures, among others.

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The newly opened aesthetic courses are now available for aspiring Medspa clinicians and nurses across Alberta, with practical training taking place at Dermysk’s Edmonton-area facility. By keeping its curriculum up to date with the industry’s latest technological advances, the academy aims to ready its graduates to confidently meet the field’s modern procedural demands.

Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy points to the continuing advantages of its intensive teaching stratagem, specifically designed to prepare students for industry careers. Its courses involve mentoring by proven cosmeticians, with smaller class sizes encouraging a greater degree of individual attention for each learner as they refine their practical craft.

“Our courses boast a longer and more extensive training than most others to ensure that you will be ready for independent practice on day 1 after graduation,” says an academy spokesperson. “You will get direct hands-on experience treating real clients at a volume high enough to ensure your superior mastery and comfort of the subject matter.”

The course additions widen Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy’s program offerings, with the nationwide cosmetician training institute boosting its general medical aesthetician education. Comprised of three distinct routes, the courses are suited for complete beginners as well as students with industry experience – ultimately resulting in professional certification.

An aforementioned steady balance between theoretical study and practical instruction is found throughout Dermysk’s courses, with the academy known for its hybrid training structure across its program. Learners following any of its medical aesthetic routes can expect to complete remote learning and in-person tutelage portions in Alberta.

Laser skin treatments are some of the many cosmetic procedures observed throughout Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy’s courses. By adding advanced methods to its material, the academy adds to a growing list of covered treatments and techniques spanning microneedling, bodysculpting, and more.

One recent graduate remarked: “Thanks to Dermysk, I now hold a valuable certification that has opened up exciting opportunities for me.”

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