Airriva Lodging Solution Launches New Loyalty Rewards Program FriendZone, First of its Kind in Short Term Tech Rental Space

Short-term lodging platform now offering users quality instant rewards based on user preference.

Columbus, Ohio — (March 16, 2021) — Airriva, a short-term lodging technology solution that owns and manages apartments, condos, and boutique hotels, announced today the launch of FriendZone, its dedicated new loyalty program offering instant booking rewards for users and the foundation for the coolest AI-based concierge program on the planet.

The FriendZone is Airriva’s dedicated loyalty program that offers instant booking rewards, including geo-specific rewards, utilizing relationships with over 1,000 merchant partners specific to Airriva’s lodging locations. FriendZone instant rewards include free rides and gift cards from companies like Uber, Sephora, Nike, Doordash, Hellofresh, Delta, Disney, Rogue Fitness, and Amazon.

“We consider our guests friends, and we love giving our friends gifts for choosing to stay Airriva,” said Josiah Myers, CEO of Airriva. “Airriva’s FriendZone loyalty program offers instantly usable rewards including gifts from companies that travelers and millennials actually want; This is the FriendZone that you actually want to be in!”

The new Airriva FriendZone loyalty program is based on user preferences, not just availability of rewards. The FriendZone program also offers extra incentives which include discount codes for future bookings. To become a part of the new FriendZone loyalty program simply join by staying Airriva.

“The idea of referring to our guests as friends came to light when we realized ‘Friends’ are comfortable coming to you for suggestions on how to improve their experience while also remaining loyal to Airriva. Whereas customers will simply just leave a bad review and choose to not return,” stated Sean Whittaker, CSO of Airriva. “The name FriendZone arose after having an unfortunate personal experience while staying at a competitor’s short-term rental. After requesting help from the host in regards to a problem I was experiencing, the host sent an automated message making it apparent my question wasn’t worth a focused response. Following the experience, I questioned if this host was my friend? From there, we decided we wanted to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and the Airriva FriendZone was born.”

Airriva most recently launched their newest location in Kansas City just weeks after its Cleveland grand opening of the Superior Living Complex, a 57-unit boutique living space in a historic building that was renovated to fit Airriva’s ‘New School, Old School’ approach of combining unique historic properties with the modern home finishes in downtown Cleveland. This space comes fully equipped with a first floor restaurant bar, The Green Goat, created by famous restaurateur Bobby George aimed at offering health-forward food and beverage choices for both people and their pets. It also offers a full parking lot, contactless tech-driven check-in, and much more amenities, space, and features than a hotel stay. Airriva’s property listings are also available for booking on AirBnB in addition to its website.

“After hearing about Airriva, I immediately wanted to be a part of helping this business successfully grow and join the opportunity to make the company as technology-focused as possible”, said Bob Myers, Founder and Chairman of SkyL, a next-gen incubator creating scalable startups. “I believe the FriendZone loyalty program is a unique offering for Airriva’s guests, as the rewards that are gifted are based on the user’s preference and appeal to the millennials who are using our platform to better explore the cities they are staying in.”

Airriva currently has lodging locations in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Sandusky, Kansas City, Tampa, and Fort Myers, Florida. In 2021, Airriva plans to expand to Austin, Tampa, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, and Savannah. Airriva’s property listings are also available for booking on AirBnB in addition to its website.


Airriva was founded in 2019 in Columbus, Ohio. Airriva is a short-term technology lodging solution that owns and manages apartments, condos, and boutique hotels. Airriva currently manages 300 units in six markets with five boutique lodging centers. Airriva provides a high-end luxury and seamless risk free experience for landlords while using technology to solve corporate leasing problems. FriendZone:, Visit:

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