AI Stock Market Trading Analysis & Watchlist Opportunity Alert App Launched

By using AI to monitor and track changes and behaviors across 4 terabytes of trading data, the updated Pilot platform by Quant Gate Systems is the latest innovation for stock market trading.

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Following the recent update to Pilot, investors using the platform can now create watchlists for over 60,000 assets across areas such as forex, stocks, futures, and cryptocurrencies.

The world of stock market trading has come a long way since the first US stockbrokers signed the Buttonwood Agreement in 1792. However, while the industry’s fundamentals have stayed the same, investors need to incorporate the latest technological advances and developments to stay ahead of the game. That’s why Quant Gate Systems are creating the future of trading with their AI-powered Pilot platform.

Using the computational power of artificial intelligence, the trading platform is able to make over 5 billion calculations per second. This analytical speed means users can get crucial insights on time-sensitive buying or selling opportunities as soon as they happen and therefore maximize their trade results.

To accommodate investors of all experiences and types, the Pilot platform has a range of features such as the creation of curated watchlists based on an investor’s asset preferences. The system also has a demo mode that uses historical data for a simulated trading experience for newcomers to the platform to test its features.

Investors who want to complete their transition to the innovative platform can link it to their brokerage. Using this direct connection, investors can make faster trades directly through Pilot whenever they see an opportunity.

Pilot is available at a range of pricing tiers depending on a user’s needs and budget. Additionally, they have educational resources to help investors learn how to use and make the most of the system and its features.

A spokesperson for Quant Gate Systems said, “Using artificial intelligence, our trading platform anticipates where the market is heading, so you don’t have to.”

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