AI-Graded Natural Diamond Engagement Rings/Jewelry – Charity Support Announced

The latest move sees the company partnering with Diamonds Do Good, an internationally renowned not-for-profit organization that funds education programs for children and young people in diamond manufacturing communities. Furthermore, in support of their local Rochester community, they have also partnered with C.U.R.E., an association devoted to supporting children with cancer and their families.

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The brand believes in the transcendental beauty of diamonds as one of the most important symbols of permanence and love. Therefore, they also believe that the process of obtaining and crafting diamonds must be similarly full of hope and beauty. That is why they are proud to be a part of these charities and of sustainable, community-focused, and ethical business practices that are making a positive difference in the regions where diamonds are found.

When Rare & Forever’s clients purchase a diamond engagement ring or another significant piece of jewelry, they know that they are supporting a progressive and ethical brand, so they can show off their sparkling stones with pride.

Rare & Forever provides its clients with a new diamond standard, ensuring that they enjoy the most brilliant pieces. Unlike most jewelry makers and retailers who grade diamonds based on a human opinion of the four C’s (color, clarity, cut, and carat) of the diamond, Rare & Forever uses cutting-edge technology to screen their stones. This technology can determine the color and clarity of each piece precisely, eliminating human subjectivity from the selection process.

Rare & Forever has an expansive network of partner jewelers across the country who stock their diamonds, and they also offer online pre-purchase consultations.

A spokesperson for the jewelers said, “Diamonds are a rare and timeless symbol of someone’s personal or shared life journey. Whatever your story is, mark it with a Rare & Forever diamond. Our diamond is more than just a diamond. It’s a symbol of inclusivity, diversity, and love of all kinds–a true reflection of you and all your facets.”

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