AI Forex Trade Watchlist Analysis & Market Opportunity Alert Platform Launched

The newly updated Pilot platform sees Quant Gate Systems allow users to create their own watchlists for assets such as cryptos and Forex lists that are monitored and analyzed by innovative AI technology.

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By harnessing the processing power of AI, the updated system is able to complete 5 billion calculations per second before alerting traders to key trade opportunities as soon as they arise.

The use of artificial intelligence has seen a recent expansion across multiple industries and is revolutionizing the way individuals complete tasks that would otherwise be impossible. Using this innovation in technology, Quant Gate Systems developed a platform for traders looking to streamline and improve their market analysis and asset management.

Pilot simplifies the trading process by monitoring a user’s preferred assets through customized opportunity watchlists. Each asset is then tracked and analyzed for indicators such as market movements, real-time changes, and the behavior of other leading traders.

In order to accommodate users of all trading experience levels and styles, Quant Gate Systems’ platform includes monitoring for over 60,000 securities ranging from cryptocurrencies and Forex to indices and futures. Additionally, the system can help newcomers to the world of trading to learn the industry and to see how market movements impact values and opportunities.

Investors looking to use the platform can choose from a range of membership levels, including a simulation mode that uses historical data to showcase Pilot’s AI abilities. Premium users can link their brokerage and crypto accounts directly to the platform, allowing them to execute faster trades for taking advantage of time-sensitive opportunities.

To allow users to make the most of the platform, the company also provides Pilot Academy resources that include walkthroughs for setting up the system and using it to execute trades. The resources also have trading guides and FAQs alongside a supportive online community to help individuals learn more about the industry and how to get started in trading.

A spokesperson for Quant Gate Systems said, “Pilot is a true AI assistant that is not based on social or news sentiment, but rather on proprietary algorithms that monitor market participant behavior in real-time.”

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