Ageless Rx Co-Founder Dr. Zalzala is Scheduled to Speak at The Reverse Inflammaging Body and Mind Longevity Medicine Summit

Robert Lufkin, MD, is a clinical professor of radiology with an academic focus on the applied science of longevity at the USC Keck School of Medicine and Dr. Stephen Sideroff is a professor at UCLA in the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences and the Department of Rheumatology are pleased to announce The Reverse Inflammaging Body and Mind Longevity Medicine Summit is happening from April 25th to May 2nd. The summit is a weeklong event that would feature speakers and leading experts committed to providing anti-aging solutions and one of the speakers would be Dr. Sajad Zalzala of Ageless Rx.

Dr. Sajad Zalzala serves on the board of the International College of Integrated Medicine and has chaired two of their international conferences. He is the Clinical Investigator for the ground-breaking PEARL trial, the world’s first and largest trial of rapamycin for aging in humans. Dr. Z, as he is fondly called, is also the Principle Investigator for many upcoming longevity-focused clinical trials. He has been involved with multiple successful healthcare startups, including Pill Club, Jack Health, and much more.

Together with other speakers at The Reverse Inflammaging Body and Mind Longevity Medicine Summit, Dr. Z will be sharing his wealth of experience as the summit aims to reveal:

  1. How chronic inflammation contributes to a range of age-related diseases, and why reversing it is crucial for healthy aging.
  2. The latest scientific research on inflammaging, including emerging therapies and treatments
  3. Strategies for reducing chronic inflammation through diet, including specific foods to eat and avoid
  4. The role of exercise and physical activity in reducing inflammation and promoting longevity, and much more.

There is a lot that would be discussed at the summit and participants are in for a week of massive expositions, exploration, and education.

“We believe that inflammaging is akin to a slow-burning ember that can wreak havoc on the body in due time,” stated a spokesperson for the Reverse Inflammaging Body and Mind Longevity Medicine Summit. “While the initial damage may not be noticeable, it can accumulate and contribute to significant health concerns. However, we’re optimistic that the root causes of inflammaging can be addressed, similar to how one can put out a smoldering fire. By attending our summit, you’ll learn how to identify these causes and effectively combat inflammation for better health and longevity.”

The Reverse Inflammaging Body and Mind Longevity Medicine Summit will bring together the world’s leading experts in longevity, nutrition, optimal performance, and more to correct the many misconceptions about the causes of disease.

Dr. Z has been passionate about slowing and reversing age-related diseases for 20 years, which led to his decision to co-found AgelessRx. Dr. Z’s vision for AgelessRx is for it to be the go-to platform for all things longevity, and to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible. He will be joining Robert Lufkin, Dr. Stephen Sideroff, and 50+ speakers, all authorities in their fields, to help participants at the summit make their golden years truly golden.

The event will be held online from April 25 to May 2, 2023. For more information and to save a seat, please visit

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