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Advantages of using open source in the business

The IT team are so passionate about open source mission that they bring a default in order to open source mentality to every project. The experts are quite successful in finding open source solutions for the business needs. Naturally, they turn to open source solutions for operating system, middleware, as well as the cloud needs. Beyond that, we always seek out open source solutions by Effect Group, first for our other business needs, like user authorization and telephony.

It’s through the first-hand experiences are reflected on the reasons why open source is considered as a good fit for the enterprise. Here is the description of some of the major benefits offered by open source to the business.

Flexibility and Agility

IT leaders must provide flexibility as well as agility for the enterprise. There is a great need to know that, if you can’t compete on agility, it means that you are going to get left behind by the competition. Open source enables the technology agility offering several ways in order to solve problems. Along with this, Awesome Resources helps keep your IT organization from getting blocked as a particular capability is not available from a vendor. There is no need to wait for the vendor to deliver that capability because you can create it yourself.


Keep in consideration, the enterprise will soon be competing on speed, if it is not already, and open resource enables the overall speed. One of the best advantages of open source is considered the ability to take the community versions and understand either they can solve the business problem or not. Once the determination is set up, professional support and services are available for open source products.

It significantly allows you to get the best of both worlds in terms of flexibility, agility, as well as the ability to get started quickly and inexpensively to a large scale.

Cost- effectiveness

Open source is considered more cost-effective rather than a proprietary solution. It is fascinating to know that, the open source solutions are not only more inexpensive in an enterprise environment for equivalent, but they also give enterprises the ability to start small as well as scale. Given that enterprises are budget challenged, it makes financial sense in order to explore open source solutions.

Ability to start small

With the help of open source, you are allowed to start a small and rapidly with community versions, and migrate to a commercially-supported solution as the business requirements drive you there. However, if the project doesn’t require support, continue on the community version. There is a great option to try the numerous alternatives. Just pick the one that’s going to work with a commercial solution.  

Solid information security

Commercial open source comes with a solid information security record. Obviously, it seems challenging to claim security superiority for the solution and for all of us, but the responsiveness of the open source community relative to information security problems has been good. The fact that we have eyes on code, in some cases is decades old, we were able to identify as well as fix problems when they became apparent than have the code molder in a proprietary environment, it is an advantage of open source.

Attract Better Talent

Open source allows the enterprises the great ability to attract talent. Almost all the professional technologists are aware of open source and believe it’s where the industry is headed. Some also enjoy creating their own projects as well as having the capability to interact with others outside their enterprise in order to develop solutions.

Share Maintenance Costs

You can easily solve the enterprise problems effectively by sharing some of the maintenance costs. One of the significant benefits of open source is community involvement. As compared to writing an application and having to sustain it yourself, it would be best to share the cost of maintaining as well as sustaining applications for the multiple parties.

Open source is the future, the web, mobile, and cloud solutions are increasingly built predominantly on open source. Some data solutions are only available in open source.

All the majority of websites are significantly based on open source technology; cloud solutions, where almost all, with the exception of Microsoft’s cloud, are on open source solutions as well.