Adpost Introduces Web3 Escrow And Online Swap Marketplace

Escrow And Online Swap Marketplace

The Adpost Swap Marketplace is now open & offering new & exciting ways to shop and swap. Now Safer, More Secure, with more added options for Online Markets including Escrow & Tether (USDT) for online exchanges, buying, and selling goods and services

Singapore, Singapore Feb 2, 2023 ( – Adpost Introduces Web3 Escrow And Online Swap Marketplace –

The Adpost Classified Ads and Swap Marketplace have opened the doors to a revolutionary new means for trading, buying, and selling items online. The first radical change is the introduction of Tether (USDT) on the Polygon blockchain. The Tether (USDT) may be used on the free classified ad portion of the website as an alternative to buying and selling with cash.

An additional feature has also been included to provide a more safe and more secure online shopping experience for online Buyers and Sellers. Adpost has implemented a new Adpost Web3 Escrow Service to protect the tokens (Tether USDT) until such a time as the product has been shipped by the Seller and received by the Buyer. Only when the transaction is successful and complete will the Tether USDT will be released to the Seller.

There have been some major challenges to the Web3 market space in recent times. Despite the many challenges, the technologies that were introduced as Web3 solutions continue to lead the digital transformation of not only the workplace, but society as a whole. The introduction of Web3 solutions on the Adpost free classifieds website and open Swap Marketplace online is an extension of the ongoing digital transformation of society.

The use of the Polygon Blockchain is an important factor to consider. The Polygon Blockchain is a tier-2 blockchain and is fully integrated with Ethereum. The ongoing work at Ethereum focuses not only on more safe and more secure online transactions, but also places a strong emphasis on environmental concerns and reducing the carbon footprint of online transactions.

The introduction of these features by Adpost marks the first and the largest blockchain on any current Swap Marketplace online to date. Adpost community members will also benefit directly from the best of both worlds in terms of old and new technologies for E-Commerce solutions.

Adpost was created more than twenty years ago as a revolutionary Web2 free classified ad website. Over the course of its lifespan, it has been able to generate more than two billion page views. This allows online sellers to place their products and services in front of a large audience.

The introduction of the Tether (USDT) option will only serve to create an even larger audience as more tech-savvy people recognize the need to be able to exchange goods and services online using Cryptocurrencies and other decentralized solutions. Despite the advanced nature of these new features, they have been implemented in such a manner so as not to disrupt the ongoing transactions by more traditional and less technically capable users of the free online ads website.

This ability for even the most inexperienced users to successfully engage in exchanges and swaps using the Tether USDT should also increase the ability of the younger generations to reach out to a larger audience. With a twenty-year history and more than three million current users, the Adpost free classified ads site and online Swap Marketplace provides the best of both world to its community members.

Importance of direct communications in E-Commerce transactions is an important aspect of buying and selling online. Many sites that charge for posting ads online do not allow their community members to directly communicate with one another. This is often because those online marketplaces would put their income at risk by allowing their community members to chat with one another.

The Adpost classified ads website and online Swap marketplace continue to offer their community members the ability to post free ads online, no matter how they wish to be paid or exchange their products and services. Every Ad posted in the Swap Marketplace allows Buyers to reply directly to the individual or business that posted the ads.

The ability of the Buyer and the Seller to communicate directly allows the Adpost community members to work together in order to ensure every aspect of their online transactions is acceptable and in line with the needs and desires of the parties. The ability to communicate directly also allows for the Buyer and Seller to ensure that any of the products, and in some instances, even the services are real.

In the case of physical goods, the Buyer and Seller may freely communicate on the Video Conferencing platform of their choice. This allows the Seller to demonstrate the products or services to the Buyer directly. The ability to immediately see the product and ensure that it meets the requirements of the Buyer ensures community members know what they are buying, and what to expect.

These calls may further be recorded, as can the unboxing of the delivery once the Buyer has received the delivery of physical products. This ability removes any and all doubts about the status of the products before the purchase and after the delivery. Only when the Buyer and Seller are completely satisfied with the established transaction arrangements is there any exchange of funds or tokens.

At that stage of the E-commerce transaction, there will be an option to include the internal Adpost Web3 Escrow services. In cases where this option is selected, the tokens will be directly transacted to a secured address regulated by a Smart Contract, and with other security measures in place. This allows the Adpost Swap Marketplace to greatly reduce the risk of fraud or scamming during the course of the transaction.

Introducing these features is only the first stage of the current Adpost Roadmap and the digital growth and expansion of the Adpost free classifieds website. There are, of course, some tentative plans for future growth and expansion, but these will largely be relegated to the actual needs and desires of the active Adpost community members.

If you want to know more, please visit the Adpost website, join the Adpost Discord Server, or follow them on any of their other Social Media channels. Suppose you are looking for the latest developments to ensure the safety and security of your online E-Commerce experience. In that case, you need to look no further than the Adpost free classified ad website and Swap Marketplace.

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