Adaptogenic Notoginseng Nootropic For Chronic Fatigue: Awareness Campaign Launch

The latest launch from Dr. Tom O’Bryan – lead physician and director of – draws on the findings of numerous scientific journals and clinical trials to offer consumers an evidence base for the effectiveness of herbal remedies in treating chronic health conditions. The campaign is being run in collaboration with’s partner Sun Horse Energy and is accompanied by the release of a new recipe book for brain health.

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The statement highlights the role that Nerve Growth Factors (NGF) and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factors (BDNF) play in reducing neural inflammation and oxidative stress. Adaptogenic herbs such as Notoginseng can help to stimulate the production of these molecules, promoting blood flow to the brain and neutralizing free radicals to prevent cellular damage.

Notoginseng, otherwise known as Panax Notoginseng, is a perennial herb that grows naturally in China and Japan. The plant is rich in saponins and flavonoids which complement the body’s natural biological processes. Research suggests that it is effective in treating cardiovascular conditions, lowering cholesterol, and regulating the immune response. Some scientists believe that chronic fatigue may be caused by an overactive immune system.

Dr. O’Bryan points to a 2022 study published by Frontiers in Nutrition which showed how fermented Notoginseng leaves improved exercise endurance, reduced oxidative stress, and displayed significant overall anti-fatigue properties. Another paper by the Foods journal showed Notoginseng to be effective in the reduction of metabolite accumulation and improving energy metabolism management.

About Dr. Tom O’Bryan

As a globally-renowned expert on autoimmune diseases and celiac sensitivity disorders, Dr. O’Bryan brings both passion and experience to his work with The website provides an expertly-curated resource for science-backed complementary medical research.

A spokesperson says, “Remember, your genes aren’t your destiny. You can arrest and reverse many chronic conditions by making the appropriate lifestyle changes and using a functional medicine approach that looks at your life through a holistic lens.”

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