Active Shooter Survival & De-escalation Training For Individuals & Groups Update

Michael Julian, the personal safety expert behind the survival training, announced that he is offering online programs that individuals and groups can attend at their convenience. Four courses are available on-demand: the 20-minute Lightning Course, the 1-hour Accelerated Course, the 2-hour Power Course, and the 3-hour Comprehensive Course.

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This update is in response to the increase in active shooting incidents in the US in the last five years. According to the FBI, mass shooting incidents in 2021 went up by 97% from 2017. These violent situations usually happen in densely populated locations, like grocery stores, schools, or arenas.

To help people protect themselves and those around them, ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training developed an approach that is easy to remember and apply in a high-stress scenario. The 20-minute Lightning Course teaches students the basics of active shooter survival, including how to recognize potential threats and determine safe places to hide and call the authorities.

The 1-hr Accelerated Course adds mindset and visualization exercises and practical activities that will boost the student’s confidence to act in an extreme situation. The course gives practical tips on how to assess the situation and determine the safest time to flee the area.

According to Michael Julian, most people freeze or wait until it’s too late to do something about the situation. With practice and visualization, students are able to break out of this mindset and take life-saving initiatives to protect themselves and others.

The 2-hour Power Course and 3-hour Comprehensive Course delve deeper into the psychology of an active shooter and teach students how to identify possible suspects. These courses also give students access to more life-saving resources like the eBook version of the ALIVE Survival Manual.

About Michael Julian

Michael Julian is an investigation and security expert who started his career when he was 16 years old. He specializes in advanced surveillance operations and is a licensed private investigator in multiple states. He created ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training in 2014 and has since introduced the program throughout the United States.

“I was in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. I truly believe taking your training is what told me to run, which ultimately saved us,” a student said.

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