Active Shooter Emergency Response & Safety Course For Schools, Training Launch

With the latest move, Michael Julian leverages his experience in active shooter survival, behavioral threat assessment, and self-defense to provide a robust curriculum for safety and protection. ALIVE stands for Assess, Leave, Impede, Violence, and Expose – tenets that are central to the courses available online.

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The latest studies show that there have been 163 mass shootings in the US during 2023 alone – prompting schools and businesses to search for new ways to adapt their emergency preparedness training approaches. As such, ALIVE Active Shooter Survival’s new video training provides practical tips for improving safety during any live shooter event.

The training is intended to help individuals prepare for active shooter situations more effectively. The comprehensive, 2-hour Power Course offers practical video lessons that cover crucial topics such as why shooters act the way they do, how to improve situational awareness, and provides essential safety tips.

Participants will learn how to respond better to dangerous shooting incidents before they escalate and how to implement life-saving measures in the event of an emergency. By being proactively reactionary, individuals can defeat the automatic reaction to freeze, buying essential time that can save lives.

In addition to individual training, the course also features specialized modules for managers, teachers, employers, and caretakers who can take group action and keep large organizations safer. These modules provide valuable insights and strategies for preventing and responding to active shooter situations in a coordinated and effective manner.

ALIVE Active Shooter Survival’s online training program is designed to provide comprehensive and actionable guidance to individuals and organizations. With its practical video lessons and easy-to-follow modules, the Power Course allows schools and businesses to improve their active shooter awareness and preparedness.

The Power Course is the latest offering from the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program, which has established itself as a leader in the field of active shooter preparedness. Other video courses include the Accelerated Course, which takes one hour, and a Comprehensive option, which is extended to three hours.

A recent student said: “To do nothing in preparation for an active shooter scenario would be negligent. Thank you for the passion you have for this subject matter. I truly believe your message resonates with all ages and will save lives.”

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