Actionable Steps To Improve Teacher Well-Being, Student Engagement: Book Update

Teaching in Magenta offers novel ideas for teachers who wish to be more effective at teaching. The book provides practical, easy-to-apply strategies to better engage students in the classroom and build relationships while placing an emphasis on the teacher’s joy and well-being.

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The announcement coincides with recent research about the effect that a teacher’s emotions can have on their students. A teacher who often shows positive emotions can influence their students’ well-being. Students with a happy teacher have higher levels of motivation and are more likely to report academic success; they also tend to experience a reduced amount of boredom or frustration.

Teaching in Magenta, which is written by longtime teacher James Alan Sturtevant and illustrated by Lauren Barnes, covers 100 different daily ideas, or “paths,” that teachers can use to become more engaged with their students and colleagues. These “paths” are organized by five key traits that Sturtevant deems paramount to the well-being of teachers and, by extension, their students.

Sturtevant notes that teachers who exhibit compassion, optimism, balance, adaptability, and contentment will have the greatest impact on their students. Each “path” in his book gives readers a single trait to work on, allowing readers to form an easy, step-by-step daily plan that they can follow at their own pace. Sturtevant also emphasizes the role that these traits have in building relationships with students.

By making a conscious effort to exhibit the qualities listed above, Sturtevant states that teachers can become more authentic and enthusiastic while decreasing their stress levels. This, in turn, will have a positive effect on their students’ learning experiences and enjoyment of school.

Like all Times 10 Publications books, Teaching in Magenta is authored by a veteran educator with years of teaching experience in the classroom. The book is one of many in a series of resources intended for educators who wish to be more effective at teaching.

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A satisfied reader said: “Whether you are a first year teacher trying to figure things out or a veteran teacher looking to re-energize, this book is a must-have. It’s very easy to read and incredibly insightful!”

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