Acoustic Flaw Detection Testing System For Manufacturing Machinery Launched

With this latest launch, Advanced Material Solutions (AMS) makes their award-winning technology available to manufacturers who wish to test their products on-site. AMS is a leading provider of high-speed, non-destructive flaw detection for the automotive, aerospace, defense and other industries.

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These new systems employ acoustic resonance inspection (ARI) and are ideal for companies looking for an alternative to the high costs typically associated with Magnetic Particle, Penetrant, X-Ray and other quality inspection methods.

Acoustic resonance inspection is not new to the industrial parts manufacturing sector. For over a hundred years, wheel tappers have struck train wheels with a hammer to ensure structural soundness. Train wheels with flaws will not ‘ring true’. The SmartTest(TM) system, developed by Peter Miller and Advanced Material Solutions, refines this idea with industry-leading technology that allows for highly accurate flaw detection that can be performed quickly.

The AMS system allows manufacturers to use ARI to test products on-site, providing less downtime and increased productivity.

The ARI systems offered by AMS are able to detect both external and internal flaws within 1.5 to 5 seconds. No cleanup is required as the process is non-destructive. Systems can be purchased to fit the size, volume and budget of the manufacturer.

Advanced Material Solutions has been an industry leader in non-destructive parts testing since 1995. Under the leadership of Peter Miller, AMS received the 2020 Business Elite Award for the USA’s Most Innovative High-Speed Testing Firm Of The Year. Each of the recently launched systems brings this award-winning technology directly to individual manufacturers. The company encourages interested parties to book a call with Mr. Miller at

A satisfied client said: “We used acoustic resonance test systems from three companies. None of them could detect the small defects that SmartTest(TM) can. SmartTest(TM) has allowed us to eliminate additional inspections needed with other systems.”

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