Ace entrepreneur Gleb Vashkevich inspires people to contribute their efforts to making massive innovations and creating brighter futures

Ace entrepreneur Gleb Vashkevich inspires people to contribute their efforts to making massive innovations and creating brighter futures

Minsk, Belarus — Gleb Vashkevich grows as a leader who loves fintech, blockchain technologies, and real estate.

A closer look around us will let us know how things have changed across industries around the world for the better. These developments just cannot be attributed to the latest technologies but also to the incessant hard work and relentless drive of a few young individuals, professionals, creators, experts, entrepreneurs, and innovators, working in their respective industries to inspire growth and excellence.

These individuals emerge as inspirations to the many emerging talents out there vying to make their mark in their chosen niches. We couldn’t help but notice the significant rise of one such incredible entrepreneur named Gleb Vashkevich, who loves real estate, fintech and blockchain technologies and has made innovations with brand Finup24.

Speaking about his journey, Gleb Vashkevich says that he always had out-of-the-box ideas in his mind, which people thought were much ahead of their time. A few years later, he attained his degree in business and innovations and worked in international companies, which then motivated him to bring about a wave of change in Belarus. In 2016, he returned to real estate and built a successful marketing strategy involving three types of repairment renovations, which impressed even the competitors.

To overcome this competition, he introduced intelligent business technologies, maximizing company employees’ potential, which increased apartment sales to 50% annually. This led him to launch Finup in 2017, after acquiring a brokerage license, initially dealing with the securities of real estate companies.

Today, they use fintech technologies to sell securities to an extensive market of investors, which has turned it into one of the leading startups in Belarus’ financial sector. Starting as a broker company, they later broadened their license to sell corporate bonds for other enterprises involved in various activities and even developed an app. Gleb Vashkevich went even further to optimize modern-day blockchain technology and the expertise of professional brokers to build a cutting-edge platform for investors worldwide.

In the coming years, Gleb Vashkevich sees himself a leader of a big organization, either for profit or non-profit, and doing exceptionally well in the IT space. He also wants to become a leader who has the power to change people’s lives for the good and has enough knowledge, experience, and expertise to make this possible.

Connect with him now on Instagram @gleb.finup to know more.

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