AccountMate ERP To Salesforce CRM Integration For Small Businesses Launched

This new integration by Commercient is intended to improve communication and transaction speed within businesses of all sizes. The tools provided by the cloud-based data integration platform Commercient SYNC can bring together the flexible, source code-based accounting features of AccountMate with the marketing automation tools provided by Salesforce.

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Commercient has built the SYNC integration app in order to provide businesses with a versatile suite of tools. Their mission with this launch is also to facilitate integrations that can be brought online quickly and efficiently while still preserving pre-existing sensitive data.

Commercient is an industry leader in bridging technologies (CRM, ERP, and eCommerce) used by many organizations to provide employees with a more streamlined, consolidated workflow. The business management solutions they have developed are currently being used in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare.

This integration is available as part of Commercient’s SYNC suite of integration apps, which enables bidirectional CRM integrations to over 110 different industry-specific ERPs. This expansion will add AccountMate to that total, bringing its suite of hybrid inventory and resource management solutions to businesses everywhere that use Salesforce for their automation needs, or vice versa.

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Commercient’s SYNC offers businesses a so-called “plug and play” solution for CRM to ERP integrations, the installation of which can be done seamlessly and without coding or mapping. The database synchronization functionality of the system can also be customized as needed in order to provide daily or real-time cross-team updates.

The company’s dynamic integration solutions have been rigorously tested and do not require the lengthy trial-and-error installation process that other similar services might. Commercient believes that lengthy downtimes ultimately harm a business’s performance, and are counter to the goal of setting up such an integration in the first place.

Commercient has helped hundreds of businesses small and large build high-efficiency systems to support their operations. The team seeks to provide constantly updated, high-quality solutions to some of the most common synchronization problems facing modern businesses.

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