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Hartford, CTConnecticut Bail Bonds Group, Hartford bail bondsman has a flexible, reasonably priced bail bond loan service to help clients get out of any jailhouse, courthouse, or correctional facility fast. They provide loans at any time of the day or night for various crimes involving children and adults. Their portfolio includes cash-only and 24-hour bail bonds, bail bond loans, 3% cash bonds, no collateral bail bonds, and bail payment plans.

The Hartford bondsman has 10% cash bond payment plans and 10%cash option loans. They require a small down payment but do not need clients to settle the total amount at once. The bondsman has weekly, biweekly, and monthly payment plans, which they can spread over the maximum period mandated by the state, which is 15 months. The staff takes time to calculate and decide with clients which payment plan is best suited for their financial needs. They offer free consultations for inquiries and determination of client needs.

To make the math easy for their clients, Connecticut Bail Bonds Group in Hartford has an online bail calculator on their website. The tool helps clients know the amount of money they need, the bail bond price, the percentage of repayment interest, and any required flat fees. From this analysis, clients can know how much they need to pay in premiums if they borrow from the bondsman and what the total amount will be after repayment.

Connecticut Bail Bonds Group’s website offers various bail bond forms to meet diverse client needs. Some helpful forms available include authorization for release, back bonds, front bonds, notice to cosigner form, and promissory note. Their staff can provide clients with valuable information on the factors that affect their bail amounts, how to establish bail based on the algorithm, bail connection fees, and bail schedules.

The Connecticut Bail Bonds Group provides bail bonds for felony and misdemeanor crimes. In felony bail bonds, they offer loans that adhere to judges’ standard tactics, like placing bail in the quantity of $500 for non-violent petty misdemeanors, with flexibility for when judges boost, lower, or waive the amount. Their bail bonds feature misdemeanor crimes like assault, failure to appear, disorderly conduct, DUI, juvenile misdemeanor, parole violations, immigration, and more.

A quote from the company website said this about their services,

“Are you in Hartford, Connecticut or are you being held in Hartford? Call us for our quick and professional bail bonds application. We are the most affordable option for Hartford bail bonds, and are available at any time you need help bailing someone out of jail. Whether you need a bail bond at 2 am or 4 PM, we can be there for you to help you.”

Contact the bondsman by calling (860) 420-2245. Visit the company’s website for more information on their affordable bail bonds for different crimes. Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is located at 11 Asylum St, Suite 512, Hartford, CT, 06103, US.

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