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ABS Research Launches Investment Newsletter For Conservative Investors

(Miami, FL) ABS Research ( is proud to announce the launch of ABS Market Intelligence Report, a premium investment newsletter for conservative financial advisors and investors.

The ABS Market Intelligence Report is a weekly journal that helps conservative financial advisors & investors save time, cut through the noise, and increase returns.

The weekly report is designed to be read in 15 minutes or less for busy financial advisors and investors. It is sent out at 8 AM every Monday. Some of the key parts are:

  • Key Market Drivers: This brief section breaks down everything affecting the markets in a simple bullet-point format.
  • Index & Sector Trends: Investors can quickly see what index or sectors are trending up or down.
  • Global Market Analysis: Readers get a high-level picture of the US and global economy and geopolitical events.
  • Stocks to Watch: Hundreds of High-quality and dividend income stocks/ETFs to watch are provided to readers to add value to their portfolios.
  • Economic Calendar: A complete global list of events and forecasts helps readers know what is happening during the week.
  • Special Reports: Readers get critical insider insight on crucial market movers such as economic reports, tax bills, and unique events.

ABS Research is a research organization that looks to “cut through the noise” by providing readers with news and professional market intelligence. 

The team comprises experienced professionals with investment backgrounds and a broad range of educational experiences and advanced degrees. Topics often covered include macro-market analysis, sectors analysis, stock and ETF reports, market data reporting, and geopolitics.

Irving Wilkinson, the Editor, has been watching the market for over 25 years and has experience as a trader, financial advisor, and ran the inside sales desk of a broker-dealer. He guides the ABS team on looking for long-term market opportunities and helping clients understand market forces while “cutting through the noise.”

“Too much of new out has a political spin or is designed to be sensational. I explain what is going on and how to seize some opportunities.”

He sent out paid to readers this morning regarding the CPI Report. “The CPI report beat estimates again, with June gains of 0.9% for both the headline and core, leaving the fourth month of outsized gains. The headline rise was the largest since a 1.0% jump in June of 2008. The core gain ties April of both 2021 and 1982 as the biggest rise since September of 1981.”

Wilkinson continued, “We expect inflation to continue.  Oil could be looking at $100 a barrel very soon, so expect oil stocks to climb. Please take a look at our inflation stock and auto parts stock picks for ideas.”

In trying to stay ahead of the curve for its readers and subscribers, ABS Research focuses on identifying companies, issues, trends, news stories emerging, opportunities that may be growing or misunderstood, and other unique situations and events that may present potential opportunities for investors.

This includes dividend stocks, ETFs, small and mid-cap companies, stocks, and other possible investment products. However, we will occasionally see potential opportunities in traditional blue-chip, mutual fund, or management areas.’s analysis is based on publicly available information, data, and other resources. They are not registered, advisors nor tax professionals. Content is for educational reasons only. 

Anyone looking for more information on ABS Research can visit their website at