Aardvark Automotive Awards Two Amarillo Women with Free Cars

Once again, Aardvark Automotive, a full-service auto repair shop established in Amarillo in 1980 has provided deserving individuals in the Amarillo community with safe, reliable used vehicles through the Wheels to Prosper initiative.

On December 10, 2022, Brandon Anderson, Owner of Aardvark Automotive, along with his family and staff presented Aveona Tay, and Maricella Juare with a donated vehicle that Aardvark Automotive then completely repaired. Ms. Tay and Ms. Juare were selected out of the more than 50 nominations that Aardvark Automotive received since announcing the call for nominations on October 14, 2022.

The first vehicle, a 1999 Buick Century 4-door sedan had the intake manifold, valve cover gaskets, plugs, wires. and drive belt replaced. The car also received an oil service. It was outfitted with four new tires, and an upgraded radio.

The second vehicle, a 2005 Volvo XC70 4-door wagon, received an engine assembly, new battery, rear brakes & rotors, timing belt, and engine oil pan hood supports. The vehicle also received an oil service.

“Both of this year’s winners have had unique challenges in their young lives, that they are working hard to overcome. They are quite impressive young people,” Anderson said. “Their nominations made quite an impression on our selection committee, and it was our honor to donate these used vehicles in excellent working condition. Having a reliable vehicle makes life so much easier, and we feel blessed to have been able to award two cars this holiday season. We’re also grateful to O’Reilly Auto Parts for their donations of some of the parts we needed to repair these cars.”

To date, Aardvark Automotive has given away more than a dozen vehicles to residents of Amarillo as part of the Wheels to Prosper program.

Anderson says the giveaway is a huge annual highlight for his team. “The holiday season is about showing others that you care, and that you support them. To be able to offer this gift to those who could use a little help is the right thing to do, and it is a rewarding thing to do. We plan to participate in this yearly vehicle giveaway for as long as we’re serving the Amarillo community,” he said.

Aardvark Automotive was one of the first auto repair shops in the nation to join the Wheels to Prosper initiative.

“It brings out the best in our community. We see our neighbors nominating those who are working hard to get ahead in life. We receive donated vehicles from generous people in our area. Then our team donates our time and talent to bring the car into excellent working condition. We collaborate with partners on parts and additional services when needed. It truly is a communal effort, that we never want to miss out on,” Andersen said.

Aardvark Automotive will celebrate 43 years of business success in Amarillo next year. The company remains a locally owned and operated business that has long been involved in efforts to help those in the community experiencing challenging life situations where their business can make a difference. “Amarillo residents have been trusting us with their vehicles for five decades. We aim to provide more than just auto repairs. I believe that business owners should also demonstrate responsible stewardship in the community they serve.”

All work performed at Aardvark Automotive is back by a three-month or 3,000-mile guarantee. All parts include a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty. Aardvark Automotive provides comprehensive auto repairs, such as engine repair, brake service, oil changes, heating and cooling services, electronic services, pre-purchase inspections, exhaust services, steering and suspension repairs, radiator repairs, emissions checks, and towing services. Aardvark Automotive also provides customer pickups and drop-offs upon request.

Visit www.aardvarkautorepair.com or call 806-242-1073.

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