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Aandelen Kopen Is The Best Way To Get Rich Through Investment In Shares

The best way for a person dreaming to grow is to invest in the share market. To put it in a Dutch way, we can say Aandelen Kopen, which means buy stocks in English. For decades together, Aandelen Kopen remains as one of the most popular means to get rich. 

To get rich, however, one does not need to invest a large amount initially. They can do it by investing their disposable income to gain hands-on experience in stock trading or to learn the tricks of the trade in the share market. 

Unless there is a major economic crisis in a country or internationally, one can expect to gain profit as the price of share or stock of a company usually moves upward. An upward moving price curve of a company’s share gives a high return to the person who has invested in that company. As the company grows, so does the shareholder. 

Learn Trick of the Trade of Share Market

Entering into the share market is easy but to profit from the investments you have made is not all that easy. To make things go in the right direction, the investors, particularly first-time investors with small money, need to learn how to go about it. 

One must know how to buy shares online, when to buy and shares of which company to buy. The new entrants in the share market must follow these rules: 

Operate Your Investment Account

All those who want to buy or sell shares need an investment account that can be opened with a commercial bank or online share broker. The share brokers or share broking companies are platforms through which an investor can buy or sell shares.

Charging much less than a commercial bank, the brokers can guide the investors, suggest to them which scrip to buy, when to sell, buy and hold a share. 

When it comes to the Netherlands, the country has a large number of such brokers. But DEGIRO is one such share broking firm that is known for its goodwill, trust of investors and reputation of helping the investors with timely investment advice.

Benefitting from Short-term Investments

The share market offers both short term and long term investment potentialities. One can benefit from short term investments in stocks. Short-term investors, also known as speculators or active investors, can use CFDs to respond to both price increases and decreases. 

For this purpose, a CFD broker like Plus500 looks ideal. An investor can gain the following benefits from Plus500:

  • Investors don’t have to pay any commission. In other words, it is a 0% Commission regime which is a major benefit for investors
  • An investor can get a Free Demo Account for unlimited practice
  • Plus500 is a user-friendly & Dutch-language platform and app
  • Trade CFD stocks from all popular international markets

 Benefitting from Long-term Investments

The long term investors can gain big from such investments as the price of share grows over time. But the company has to make constant annual profits. It also has to be a dividend-paying one. 

Usually, long-term stock investors hold the share of a particular company for several years to gain big after a long period. By that time the share price will jump many times over the years compared to their book value when the investors purchased them. 


Buying shares and selling them for profit is an old method to earn profit. The system is working in almost all countries in the world except a few with a state-controlled economy. 

Usually, an investor can earn money as a profit in two ways: an increase in share price and a dividend. However, the tag of risk is also involved in it. Unless the investor selects a good company through a trustworthy broker, there are chances of incurring losses.

This can happen by selecting the wrong company to invest in. That is why the selection of a reputed broker like DEGIRO is necessary.