A Wonderful Resource for parents and anyone who wants to unlock their Leadership Potential

Salar Khan’s nonfiction debut novel, “Unlocking the Natural-Born Leader’s Abilities”, lays out his own concept of “natural-born leaders”—people who are “optimistic, selfless, and do not seek external rewards or glory” and instead seek “a sense of internal satisfaction and happiness”.

“Unlocking the Natural-Born Leader’s Abilities” by Salar Khan is an autobiography designed by him to share his journey from being a pupil to being a teacher of leadership skills. It aims to help budding leaders discover and foster their leadership mindset. All of these are put across through the sharing of the author’s personal experiences and extraordinary leadership track record over five decades. It starts with Khan’s childhood and how his family helped him to foster natural abilities. The author also shares wonderful insights into leadership and how one can be nurtured to be a leader through their children, thus teaching us the importance of the role that parents play in influencing and nurturing their children to become leaders at a very young age. Khan gives us a beneficial insight into how the author himself came to a realization that he is innately a natural-born leader and the significance it has played in his life and in his career.

“A leadership guide with an autobiographical foundation … Khan delivers a highly readable mixture of motivational and medical memoir.” -Kirkus Reviews-

“Khan writes with confidence, and with a gentle sense of humor. He seems to be able to look at himself as the subject of his story without undue ego, while still extolling the many skills that have gotten him to his place in life. Given the tumultuous path he has walked down, this book has much more to offer than the typical book on leadership, offering a unique and inspiring work of leadership training that can be used in both work and everyday life.” -Self-Publishing Review-

Have you ever sensed that you are unique and that you could’ve lived a life with a purpose but you were too reluctant to do it? Have you ever felt a calling deep within your soul to make a decision to change the world and you have been hesitant because you lack confidence? This book is the answer. It provides enlightening insights based on the author’s experience that would surely inspire readers to rekindle their faith in God and unlock their natural-born leadership abilities.

The author has written simple practical solutions to everyday life in his journey of leadership. Anyone could be a leader according to Salar Khan, and anyone has these natural-born leadership abilities. Besides the obvious, the author also stressed “intuition” as a factor that helps shape one’s abilities. I was totally intrigued upon reading the last chapters of the book. This is the first time that I encountered these kinds of ideas. It was a quick read with a lot of gems. I suggest reading this book on a daily basis, one chapter per day to totally appreciate the gist. Taking time to absorb the information and apply it in real life. Great book! Goodreads Review


Salar A. Khan, MD, FACA, FCCP, DTCD, MCPS, MBA, has been working as a director of research compliance in Chicago since 2009. He’s served in a variety of roles, including as a physician, pulmonologist, chief of medicine, interim director of medical services, interim hospital director, associate professor of medicine, surgical assistant, research administration portfolio manager, merit grant administrator, and others in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Khan lives in Chicago with his wife and two sons. He was nominated for and has won several awards at national and international levels.

In Recognition of Dr. Khan’s Outstanding Efforts and Achievements in the field of Medicine and Leadership, he received “Lifetime Achievement in Medicine & Leadership-2022 Doctor and Leader of the Year by Top 100 Registry inc. Business Leaders & Professionals.” In the Magazine named “Top 100 Doctors 2022-Quarter 1” issued in April 2022.

He is the author of Unlocking the Natural-Born Leader’s Abilities: An Autobiographical Expose (2017) and Am I Burned Out at Work? A Self-Care Solution (2019), Shaping the Future of Global Leadership: Finding a Peaceful Solution (2020), Coming soon Cultivation of Global Leadership Mind-Skill Sets: A Unique Training Manual, and Dr. Salar’s South Asian Food Recipes: The Art of Cooking. Visit his webpage at www.doctorsalarkhan.com and Dr. Salar Khan Books on YouTube. He is also available in ebook and print versions at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and other online booksellers.

For inquiries, send the author an email at salrub54@gmail.com or contact (773) 633-8607.