A Vision for The Future: Clarity Sports Group Launches E-Course for Student-Athletes

NEWARK, NJ / In the wake of high school and intercollegiate athletes’ outcry for frugal representation – voices being heard more than ever in recent years – it has become apparent that younger generations are educating themselves on the importance of making a buck in a field that would, in prior years, be considered free labor.

For Jeff Pierre specifically, he’d want you to consider him as a clear-cut example of that younger generation that is willing to swing for the fences as he runs Clarity Sports Group, with desires in mind of providing generations of younger athletes with the necessary tools to thrive in a world where lessons about creating financial flexibility are not as prevalent in classrooms.

Clarity Sports Group was founded off the basis of helping middle and high school athletes not only plan for life after sports but be provided an organized knowledge so that planning a future can be much straightforward, compared to athletes who will not have many bare basics of financial literacy later in life.

An outstanding student athlete at Orange High School with a deep affinity for sports, Mr. Pierre was motivated by the reasoning of wanting to educate the youth in areas he once grew up in, starting Clarity in the year 2019, finding his purpose after serving a decade in the finance industry.

He presents his financial literacy course and stresses the importance of making the correct money moves to students through grades 7-12. Within CSG’s curriculum lies a six-part, three-section course that details healthy saving practices, functional budgeting methods, investing and credit management for the future.

He also presents an advanced course for high schoolers entering their sophomore, junior and senior years that focuses on finances for and after college. More importantly, a CSG certificate of completion will aide students with high school credits to fulfill graduation requirements.

The Clarity Sports Group yearly membership for the course is $20 ($19.95, to be exact), but should schools purchase the course for larger groups, there will be a discount rate.

More about Jeff Pierre’s Clarity Sports Group – including further curriculum questions – can be found on the official CSG website.
“With the love and passion that I have for sports, as well as the knowledge that came from my finance background, I figured that I could provide children with information I did not know or was not informed of when I was a student athlete,” Pierre stated. “It is everything from – suppose you make the pros; you will need to learn how to save and manage money. That is also the same if your dreams were to get cut short or you sustain a career-ending injury, what will be your plan B?”

A North Jerseyan raised and reared on Berwyn Street in Orange, New Jersey, Pierre made the tough decision to let go of high school basketball following his freshman and sophomore years, as he pursued more business and finance courses prior to his graduation in 2007.

With an entrepreneurial spirit in heart, he decided to invest in his own building of skills and knowledge by interning for a group of Fortune 500 companies before ultimately pursuing a higher education at William Paterson University, completing a Business Marketing degree at WPU in 2011.

Some of those internships were with the likes of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, just to name a few. Pierre connected his progressive learning at the time with what he saw in the sporting world, seeing former athletes losing much of their career earnings from questionable financial decisions while wanting to do something about it.

So, through adamant research using a quantifiable amount of former athletes’ accounts as a muse, Pierre noticed some alarming trends of how former players went broke, and soon found his purpose.

“From working on athletes’ accounts in the finance industry, it made me think bigger than just myself,” Pierre said. “Seeing how they lost their money and how they weren’t able to sustain their wealth after playing gave me the vision to start Clarity Sports Group to educate student-athletes so that they won’t end up in the same rudderless situations”.

During his decade in the finance industry (over a decade), he paid his dues working in multiple leadership roles for companies like Citi, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Giving back to the community that raised him and other neighborhoods like his became his biggest motivation, and as the idea of Clarity itself became a possibility in 2019, Pierre’s ambitions of guiding the youth formed into a plan.

As of 2022, Jeff Pierre currently works in in the Risk Management field in the financial industry. With expertise acquired, Pierre bet on himself and made the decision to launch Clarity Sports Group a few years prior, and his cause was as emboldened as it ever had been upon hearing about the unfortunate passing of Hip-Hop mogul Ermias J. Asghedom, widely known as Nipsey Hussle.

As prolific as Nipsey was as a recording artist, Pierre cited how attentive he was to his community, aiding in its creation of jobs for the marginalized individuals within them, and the going out of his way to invest in those said communities.

What inspired Pierre the most was how Hussle prioritized the importance of giving the youth a role model – notably someone who looked them and grew up in the same areas they are from. He also said that, had it not been for Nipsey’s influence, Clarity Sports Group wouldn’t have existed.

The satisfaction of aiding the youth and giving back to the community that raised him also carries into his philanthropy. Some of Clarity Sports Group’s most celebrated achievements so far were when they gifted student-athletes’ scholarships.

“We currently give out player of the week awards to deserving student-athletes, and in the past, we’ve given out awards and other scholarships. I am always proud to have used my experience in the financial field to help the next generation of athletes.”

CSG is not looking to become a sport agency, and their goal is to aide high school students with the rudimentary tools of financial literacy they will need down the road.

“It feels like a marathon,” Pierre said.

And per his ideals, that marathon – and the principles of running an educational group like Clarity Sports Group – will continue long after Jeff Pierre’s story has been told. “I just want to leave a legacy, so that kids who had the same upbringing as me, and others who grew up like how I grew up, will be able to see what I did and take inspiration from it.”

Media Contact Information:
Name: Jeff Pierre
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Writer: Marcus Van Diver

SOURCE: Clarity Sports Group