A Team of Russian Developers Launches a Project MetaThings for Creating 3D NFT Objects Based on Artificial Intelligence

ROSTOV-ON-DON, RUSSIA, February 13, 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, At the beginning of 2023, the team of the Russian startup MetaThings launched a test version of the platform for creating 3D objects based on one-dimensional images using the artificial intelligence developed by the team. The project is hosted on several crypto platforms, including Bitmart, Pinksale, Cetoex, and on February 22, 2023, a pre-sale of the project will take place, where project coins (METT) will be sold at a reduced starting price, traditionally available at the stage of the pre-sale procedure. The peculiarity of the project is the possibility of further use of the 3D object in the NFT format in the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and ETH (Ethereum) blockchains. MetaThings is the first such AI-enabled 3D modeling platform adapted to the blockchain. A user-imported object is rendered in 3D after geometry calculation, texture generation, and texture mixing.

METT NFT can be used to secure ownership of, for example, an engineering development or a creative subject, as well as use it in the spaces of the Metaverse, in any games, including virtual reality. As you know, metaverse technologies are the main function of Web3. Web 3.0 is the inevitable next step in the development of the Internet, which provides for the decentralization of data storage and the use of a single electronic profile by a person, which is used to interact with different platforms. And NFT, in turn, will allow you to transfer and resell valuable digital objects from one platform to another as ordinary things or property.

The use of the metaverse in the gaming industry is anticipated to pick up speed. For instance, the well-liked video games Minecraft and Fortnite, as well as the well-known gaming platform Roblox have incorporated many elements of the metaverse, such as imaginary spaces where players may gather to play games and make use of social tools like in-game conversations. In 2021, Roblox generated $1.9 billion in sales, a 107% increase from the prior year. In 2022, Epic Games, who created Fortnite raised USD 2 billion from Kirkbi (the investment firm behind The Lego Group) and Sony Group Corporation; each company contributed $1 billion. Digital Avatars and metathings – future of gaming. In the coming future, the avatars will even be interoperable across various platforms which means that the same avatar will be used to play multiple games being offered by different companies. By 2027, Avatars will be a $17 billion market.

METT 3D NFT will use arweave architecture. Arweave is a decentralized storage platform, its based on the concept of a block canvas (blockweave), not a blockchain (blockchain) – when each subsequent block is linked to the previous two blocks. Proof of Access mechanism is used to confirm transactions. To confirm a new operation (write information), a node must approve quick access to what has already been stored. And most importantly, you only have to pay once for data storage in Arweave during download. Few projects use Arweave, while most use IPFS.

Thus, the project meets the challenges of a new round in the development of NFT from the standpoint of its practical application and not its narrow understanding of NFT as an object of ownership of a painting or image based on blockchain technology.

The goal of Metathing is to create technologies for transferring the objects of the world into the environment of the metaverse in the form of a functional NFT using trainable artificial intelligence. The capabilities of the MetaThings platform can be used by companies that produce 3D printers, projects that create a metaverse environment, develop games, films, and commercials, cartoons, perform 3D modeling, design, architecture, 3D video, as well as investors in NFT.

In order to ensure the reliability and transparency of transactions with METT, the MetaThings project has already passed the international audit in Certik and the project team has passed the KYC certification in SolidProof and implemented liquidity blocking on the Pinksale platform. The application for mass use according to the project roadmap (https://whiteppr.metathingstech.com/roadmap) can be tested in the second quarter of 2023.

You can learn more about the project on the website https://metathingstech.com / and other project pages https://linktr.ee/metathings.

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SOURCE: MetaThings