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A Personal Trainers #1 Secret Weapon For Getting Started Online: Hakeem White

Handling a business and school together makes it impossible to give enough focus to each of these activities. The end result is always disappointing, and in this case, Hakeem graduated with a 2.0.

All his hopes were channeled into the business that also disappointed him as he could only make 2k in 2016. However, with immense perseverance, he moved to become a successful and inspirational role model who now makes a million every four days.

Apart from running his online training sessions, he counsels other budding fitness trainers to invest and establish an online training business. He believes that he is a value giver, and through this article, he aims to inspire all those trainers with brilliant ideas. Overcoming the skepticism and progressing towards fulfilling your dreams is your only way to emerge as a successful person.

From obtaining a degree from the University of Florida Bachelors Degree In Sciences to becoming a certified personal trainer, Hakeem has traveled a long path. He made his first 100k at 24 and his first 100k in a month at 25!

All it took was a year for him to make 12x the amount. So, what did it take for him to become a successful person? What are his secrets of success and happiness? Let us find out!

Hakeem has pretty unorthodox rules to stay happy that might sound surprising to many people reading this.

He believes that attaining a balance is an illusion. To achieve success, you must be ready to experience the great imbalance of life.  After all, you have your whole life ahead of you to attain that balance once you become successful. 

He also avoids toxicity. Hakeem never keeps people around if the likes of their personalities affect his sanity and thoughts.  He believes that you should only tolerate excellence in your life—quite a bold way to put it. 

“Dark emotions are stronger than light emotions to accomplish your goals. It’s better to do good things for bad reasons than bad things for good reasons.”, he said. It is okay to be fueled by competing with others is what he believes.

Another thing that adds up to nothing is the art of complaining. Hakeem always believes in taking the blame on himself for everything that goes wrong. He also believes that an attractive woman who fails to bring serenity but not peace is not worth your efforts. 

“Execution and retention are what really matter.”, he said when he was talking about reading the same set of books again and again rather than reading multiple books. He also believes that it is okay to not be happy at times.

He also suggests that you should be addressing your real demons that often come out in the form of disorganization and procrastination.  

Now let us move on to uncover and discover his golden pieces of advice.

Hakeem advises young people to master marketing and sales skills. These skills are the ticket to becoming successful in a short duration that he missed out on early in his life. Additionally, he truly urges a beginner to find a mentor. Their insights, wisdom, and experiences go a long way in helping you accomplish your goals. 

He also thinks that investing in yourself rather than the materialistic things around you is the best investment. All the riches can come with success only if you learn to invest in yourself. 

“You can always get back money but you can never get back time.”, he said. Most people these days lose hope when their idea fails. Hakeem believes that both business and relationships are alike. We never give up after relationships fail, do we? Then why give up on business?

Lastly, his biggest advice is “You must “be” to become. You can’t become a 6 figure+ earner making 4 figure decisions and actions. First, be the thing you want and your vibrations will attract it into your life.” This indeed is the foremost thing that you must follow in your life. 

To attract success, you must be in the right mindset to attract success. Without the right mindset, would you be able to recognize success or its telltale signs? Therein lies your answer. These simple tricks and tips work not only for personal trainers but also for any person wishing to start a business. 

In Hakeem’s life, he found success when one of his clients approved his online training guide. It is strange how success comes in unexpected ways, right? So how to become successful?  It is simple! The answer is right ahead of you if you know how to convert your passion into breathing reality.