A Guide to Choosing a Portable Generator for Food Truck Owners

If you are planning to start a food truck business or are already running it then you would be already aware of the fact that Portable Gensets are an integral part of a food truck as they both go hand-in-hand. There is very much information available on the internet on choosing the Gensets for food trucks but none of them offer an understandable clarity for the same. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss how to select Gensets that are best suited for your business which involves a food truck.

Experts at Ablesales are always available for assisting you in the selection of Gensets for your food business on a truck and alternatively, you can visit our website to explore the complete range of Gensets. There is a wide-ranging Gensets offered in the market which can confuse you but we will discuss specifically the Gensets which are most excellent for your business.

Need of Gensets

Yes, Portable Gensets are very important for every food business which runs on a truck as they operate remotely and they get the required amount of electricity outlet every time they need it. Even if you find a permanent supply of electricity from the regular electricity network, you would still need Gensets which are Portable for your truck. The grid supply is unreliable and the Gensets will provide your electricity supply during emergency power failures. If you only depend on the grid electricity for your source of power you will suffer monetary losses when there is an outage.

Picking the best-suited Gensets for your Truck

In this part, we will discuss general factors which you must be aware of before purchasing Portable Gensets according to your requirements. There might be a variation in the specifications as each food truck has its unique requirements concerning electricity supply.

Let us understand each specification below:

1. Power Output

This is the most important factor to consider before purchasing Gensets. You must at the very first stage calculate how much is your electricity requirement. Several individuals skip this stage and end up having a couple of  Gensets. A business with a food truck has various appliances like a refrigerator, freezer, coffee machine, microwave. Fryers, grills, etc. with specific electricity consumption. Calculate the total consumption of these appliances and add 20 percent buffer power to it for emergency usage.

You should also understand the difference between rated power and operating power as the power consumed when the appliance starts off and the power consumed when it is constantly operated is different. This can vary for different food businesses. There are many power calculators accessible on the internet which can help in determining your total power needs.

2. Noise Output

Yes, Portable Gensets produce noise when they operate. This spec is oftentimes sidelined but you might later realize that it has its impact and consequences on a daily basis. This is important as Gensets are installed just next to your truck where the food is prepared.

The disturbing sound produced will neither please your consumer nor you. If the customer finds it irritating then it can result in decreased footfall which will eventually result in reduced revenues. Ideal Gensets should not produce noise of more than 70 decibels.

3. Fuel Type

You should always check what type of fuel you can Genset operate on. Ideally, Portable Gensets use Petrol as their fuel but nowadays Gensets with two fuel options are also available in the market in which the secondary fuel is LPG i.e liquified petroleum gas.

4. Runtime

Although it is a less important specification as you hold plenty of fuel in the truck so the Gensets can be refilled when needed still you would not when you are busy cooking something for your customer.

Businesses on food trucks generally function for longer durations and during peak hours you might realize that it is extremely difficult to refill the Gensets. So it is advised that you purchase Gensets which can run for a longer duration and requires less refueling.

5. Inverter Gensets

These types of Gensets safeguard sensitive electronic appliances and devices such as laptops, billing machines, display systems, etc. as they provide a stable current from the generator. They are very expensive and you should check with all your appliances whether to buy them or not as many sensitive electronic appliances can work without this system also.

Apart from being costly, Inverter Gensets are lightweight, simple to move around, and produce less sound

6. Number of Supply Outlets

Different equipment within your truck has different voltage requirements. For example, 120/240-volt supply points are required by fryers and coffee machines. Your selected Gensets should offer this feature. 50 Ampere and 30 Ampere must be considered for every generator as they are also essential in powering your appliances.

If you feel confused about which type of supply points you need, go for Gensets that cater to all types of voltage and amperage requirements or you can visit storesto check all the models before purchasing.

7. Budget

As Portable Gensets are the most important part of the food truck business, the business owners allocate a substantial amount in their budget to purchase the most efficient and durable Gensets for their food trucks. You should not hesitate in investing money in this essential device for your business.

Initially, it may feel like more but purchasing efficient, dependable, and long-lasting Gensets will add value to your food business on a truck, which will help you in increasing the revenues and also aid to the overall growth of the business.


One must take into consideration all the important specifications like electricity consumption, noise generation, refueling frequency, number of appliances that need the power supply, type of outlets before finally purchasing Portable Gensets.

In short, business owners of food trucks face restrictions subject to the availability of adequate electricity from the regular supply source irrespective of their expenses. As we have already discussed how important is the role of Gensets for a food business on a truck, no mistakes should be made while selecting one for your business.