A Guide to Choose Ebike Manufacturer from China

If you are new to the electric bike business or want a better supplier, you should consider a Chinese manufacturer. You can easily optimize your products to become a local wholesaler or retailer. A reputable supplier will ensure to customize your order to your needs. The efficiency of an Ebike manufacturer will ensure you run a smooth business.

There are many advantages to buying from an Ebike manufacturer. You get several products with different features, widening the options you have. Your decision-making process becomes more accessible, and you are more assured to choose based on your taste and preference. Also, ordering on a large scale will give you more profit and own your brand. However, how do you go about choosing a reputable manufacturer in China? This article has compiled several factors to consider and a step-by-step guide that will help you.

Terms to Know When Choosing a Chinese Ebike Manufacturers

You do not want to make inquiries from an online store appearing as a novice of the subject matter. Hence, this section explains the popular terms you will possibly come across. With my years of experience buying from Haidong factory, these terms are unavoidable, even with other Chinese manufacturers. Understanding them will also help you to negotiate better with an online supplier.

Supplier Type

You can either order from a trading company or an ebike manufacturer. The two types of suppliers are good, but your choice will depend on what you need. If you are not making orders frequently, you can go with the trading company. However, trading companies need more money costs. ebike manufacturer is suitable for frequent customization and large orders. The money cost is the lowest, but you need more time to distinguish between a trading company and an E-bike factory. So how do you know what category an online supplier falls into? 

When you visit an “About Us” page, a manufacturer factory will have videos of its production processes. Although it may not be detailed, you can deduce it is a production factory. Also, the factory produces an extra amount of inventory. You can also check the company on social media platforms for further information.

MOQ is the short form of Minimum Order Quantity. Check the minimum member of bikes you can order from a company. Set it within your budget when an Ebike manufacturer places a particular MOQ. The MOQ for customized bikes at Haidong Ebike is 50 units. Wherein, there is no quantity limit to the remaining type of orders. However, most companies will offer subsidized or reduced prices for large orders.

Lead Time
The lead time is the period it takes to get your order. Lead time is primarily applicable when you order customized products. Most reputable companies will label their product either “in stock” or “need to book .” You can contact sales to know if a product is out of stock, especially when it has no label. 
For all I know, the Haidong factory’s delivery time is 30 working days.  Haidong has 4 large warehouses in the US, the delivery period can be as short as five to twelve days if the foreign warehouses have a stock already.  This also applies to foreign warehouses in Canada. Since the distribution is vast, including Oregon and California locations, customers can shorten their delivery time when ordering from Haidong Ebike.
Payment Method

Payment method is a crucial aspect to consider when choosing an Ebike manufacturer. The payment method should not be limited to credit cards and debit cards. It should include innovative electronic payment methods such as PayPal. If you are paying into a third-party account, there is a high possibility the company frauds people. With the increased number of cybercriminals today, you want to be careful of online payments. Meanwhile, most Chinese online suppliers use PayPal because it is easily accessible to many potential customers.

Shipping Method
The shipping method describes how the e-bike gets to your location after paying. The shipping method includes lead time, but it is broader than that. Sometimes, you may need to receive the product from a neighboring country if your country has a border issue with China. However, you may simply request the company’s branch in your locality. It is much easier this way, only that you will be buying from ebike manufacturer.
After-sale Service

Unfortunately, you may find an Ebike manufacturer guilty of lack of proper after-sale service. If you are a business tycoon, this is one of the vital attributes you should consider. The salesperson from the selected company must have a sound knowledge about Ebike features. Salespersons should communicate acquired knowledge clearly, and proffer necessary solutions, just as Haidong salespersons have been doing in past years. This will help you to determine if you can form a long-term business with the manufacturer or not. 

It would help if you also played a part from your end. You can start by recording your package as soon as you start unpacking. This ensures you to make a complaint of your goods is damaged. Haidong Ebike will re-issue new parts if any technical fault is found in the delivered item. More so, make sure the Ebike manufacturer provides a warranty if not less than two years. This warranty is valid as long as no damage is caused due to human error.

Trusting a Chinese Electric Bike Manufacturer

Since there are several Ebike manufacturers you will come across, how do you trust any supplier you eventually select? Check the following while choosing an Ebike manufacturer.

Safety and Regulation Compliance

You need to confirm that the manufacturing company has met the requirements with US regulations. This is particular for intending users who are US citizens. You can be sure the company will implement specific US rules like the speed limit. On the other hand, a Chinese Ebike manufacturer may focus on its domestic market. Many of them have different Ebike models, making it easy to customize your choice.

Quality Assurance and Contacts

Although reputable manufacturers provide a warranty, there should be a printed or written form of quality assurance. It will serve as evidence when you complain about any fault in the Ebike. However, most manufacturers will provide you with a minimal user guide and assemble your Ebike components. A good Ebike manufacturer will also give details on their contact and reach them. You are sure it is not a scam zone. This proves an ongoing negotiating with an honest individual at the other end of the virtual communication. Genuine vendors will also provide details of their production process on their websites. This will also include shipping arrangements and other transparent activities every buyer should know.


Some manufacturing company buys Ebike components from a third-party company. This applies inexpensive components like motor, which is capital intensive. However, the Ebike manufacturer should ensure to add traded marks to every component of the Ebike. A lithium-based battery should also be marked as “treat with care” or any other traded statement during shipping. You should also agree with the manufacturer to include a document containing battery type, model, and brand, in the delivery package. This is particularly important for retailers because you would have to worry less about re-packaging. 

The following are the needed documents that should be provided.

  • Bill of Materials
  • Battery and Adaptor Sheet
  • Manual
  • Risk Assessment and Lab Testing Reports
  • Details of applicable standards
  • Declaration of Conformity
Check the Claims

You need to confirm that the information provided by an Ebike manufacturer is accurate. A trusted Chinese manufacturer will never make unbelievable claims. Since Chinese Ebikes are popular and are known to be the best among others, some manufacturers take advantage of it. They produce less quality goods but boost the already established reputation of Chinese industries. Unfortunately, some buyers fall prey to cybercriminals who fraud with the country’s integrity. Avoid falling victim to this deceit by doing appropriate research before placing an order. You can identify genuine manufacturers when there is a full display of their works on the internet. For instance, Haidong Ebike manufacturing company has its European production process on its page, which is about 74 in number. With this, prospective markets will be able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each item on the brand’s page.


Contrary to popular opinions, Chinese manufacturers employ people who relate to customers in English. Hence, language would not be a barrier. Moreso, many Chinese online stores enable Goggle translator, which means visitors can read content in their preferred languages. It is vital to also know that a good manufacturing company will not talk down on top manufacturers. Although the market is competitive, the outstanding ones will instead focus on their product’s value to the public. Hopefully, you will implement the guide above in choosing an E-bike manufacturer. Always bear in mind that your choice plays a significant impact on your bike’s efficiency.