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A Guide to Being, Feeling, and Doing Better Released By Experienced Philosopher

There’s a new how-to guide dedicated to helping middle-aged adults who are dissatisfied with the quality of their lives reduce obstacles to living better as effectively and efficiently as possible. The problem is that misunderstanding our true nature blocks being, feeling, and doing better.

Anyone interested may read the 7-page guide beginning with page 1 at

Its author is Dennis E. Bradford, Ph.D. He’s authored over 30 books and has been an Amazon Bestselling Author. He’s been a philosopher, a lover of wisdom, for 59 years and is a certified life coach. This guide not only explains the theory behind how to improve the quality of our lives but also includes concrete suggestions on how to diminish the dissatisfactions that create unhappiness.

Any adult who is confused about how to live better and open to testing an alternative may find it useful. After presenting a thoughtful account of human nature, Dr. Bradford shows how it can be used to improve the quality of life.

Wisdom doesn’t happen accidentally. What is a wise human being? Failure to understand the nature of wisdom obstructs living better. It’s normal for humans to be dissatisfied, unhappy, and often dysfunctional. Why? According to Dr. Bradford, without realizing it, we are alienated from ourselves. Understanding how living well is possible frees us to be, feel, and do better. Without understanding clearly how being, feeling, and doing better are possible, we continue just to muddle through without abiding fulfillment.

When asked for more information about the guide and his intention behind writing it, Dr. Bradford said, “Our minds have been conditioned so that, without changing how we think about ourselves, living well becomes impossible. Freedom from conceptual prison is possible only when we let go of that conditioning. Living better requires not only that we understand what we are trying to do but also which practices work to increase wisdom and why they work. Living well is our birthright, but we have to claim it.”

Any adult interested in being, feeling, and doing better is invited to review this clearly written how-to guide online:

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