A Gripping Tale of Russia-Ukraine War by an Indian Student to be Launched Soon


Dr. Nitin Chopra reveals the information about his upcoming book about Russia Ukraine war and life in Pre war Ukraine.

Panipat, Haryana Jan 13, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – “The Life of Tolka” is an emotional tale of a young Indian student’s strength and resilience. He witnessed a nightmare that most of us could not even imagine. Dr. Nitin Chopra is prepared to give readers a firsthand account of one of the most devastating wars through his own words or should I say eyes. What went down on that particular day? Why was he in Ukraine and not India? The questions pile up, like the grim toll of war. The excerpt you read here is just a small taste of the raw emotion he conveys in the book.

Nobody ever forgets the innocent children’s blood and sorrow. Nobody could comfort the terrified women. No man could protect their family. As the country he loved broke apart into ashes, a boy from another homeland stood by, helpless except to capture the horrors. He wants to forget the moments, not the parts he doesn’t want to.

Was it the only warfare to cause such a stir? Is the world prepared for it? The author emphatically denies it. But there were so many amazing memories to be told about the glorious land of Kyiv. Yes, it was a glorious memory for him. I doubt if we can say it now. How long will it take to put the pieces back together? He saw a different city from the one we see now. He saw his first snowfall, met lovely people, and had a bunch of heartwarming moments in the Ukrainian capital city before it was heading to a blooding ground. His fondest times in the armed country are like a beautiful melody.

His early years as a teen were spent witnessing the serenity of the city, but 2022 showed him the violence and devastation of war after six priceless years of living there. His Kyiv home, which had once been a haven of peace and security, had become a battleground. The serenity of the city was stolen. While weapons and bombs were on the ground, he could only hear that sound.

Dr. Chopra uses a gripping narrative that will stick in your mind for a very long time to illustrate the brutality of war and the persistence of the human psyche. In order to deal with the havoc he has seen and the gloomy future that lies ahead, Tolka is compelled to confront the terrible reality of having lived through a time of war. The journey inside the book is not smooth. Although the path ahead is rocky, you should continue travelling. Both the journey and the war must come to an end.

Read “The Life of Tolka” if you want to understand the human cost of war. The author vividly depicts the struggles and losses of those caught up in the chaos of battle with compelling and thought-provoking words. It will undoubtedly linger with you long after the last page has indeed been flipped.

Keep an eye out for the publication of this powerful book, which is soon to happen. It promises to be powerful and moving.

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