9 Tales: Where CCG Meets NFT

As the NFT boom continues, one startup is hoping to merge the worlds of fantasy and crypto in a stunning card game called 9 Tales. At this early stage, the founders are in advanced phases of negotiations with big investors for a sizeable pre-seed funding

 “9 Tales combines two of our great loves, Crypto and gaming. We grew up in the worlds of Magic The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer and so many more. We were hooked by their rich narratives, striking artwork and unique gameplay. So, when the time came to combine our skills and enter the NFT world, we knew exactly what to do,”  Eruine, 9 Tales Creator.

The future lies in the cards…

9 Tales is an NFT collection with a distinct fantasy flavour. The project begins with a prophecy which tells of 9,999 warriors who will rise and stand together to bar the Gates of Hell.  These 9,999 characters form the backbone of the 9 Tales’ universe and each one is a token in the collection. 

Raising their game

The developers plan to use funds from the 9 Tales NFT sale as capital to fund the development of an online Collectible Card Game (CCG). Gameplay will be fast paced and token holders can gain special perks based on their own characters.

It’s a gas gas gas…

Unlike traditional NFT collections, the developers have found a workaround that minimizes the gas fees for minters.

The Power 9

In perhaps a subtle nod to the grandfather of CCGs, Magic The Gathering, 9 Tales makes good use of the power of nine. Their world features nine realms, nine races, and will tell the story of nine characters through nine tales. Indeed, the collection itself promises 9,999 unique, hand-drawn characters drawn from the proposed game universe and stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

A token income

The game itself, while still in development, will operate a play-to-earn model totally free to play. This means players will be able to generate income while they play, a dream come true for many avid gamers. They introduced a new innovative compete to earn model where skilled players will be massively rewarded. 

The first tale has begun

The presale of 9Tales was a real success with more than 250 NFTs sold. The public sale is open in the 1st phase, with a very limited amount of 505 NFTs. 9Tales wants to reward the early enthusiasts of the game before the release of the first prototype. To be part of their community you can mint here. Interested parties are also invited to follow the project through their Medium blog.

For more information check their website.