9 question inquiry form helps employers connect with a specialist ERTC CPA

ERTC Express now has a simple 9-question initial inquiry form on its website that connects small and medium-sized business employers with their specialist accounts team.

Interested parties can find more information at https://ertcdoneforyou.today

ERTC funding for pandemic relief is providing small and medium-sized business owners with billions of dollars in tax credits. By partnering with the nation’s largest ERTC retrieval company, which works exclusively with ERTC refunds, employers will minimize the risk involved in a claim. The specialist accounting team will help the employer navigate the complex filing process to receive the largest eligible rebate amount for them from the ERTC program.

The service allows employers to have their claims and paperwork completed and the final amount is cross-checked by 3 different CPA teams before submitting a claim. With a guarantee to receive the maximum allowable refund, the ERTC program has to offer. Individual claims may vary, with eligible employers claiming up to a maximum of $26000 per employee.

The ERTC program has been amended several times, since it was created in 2020, and eligibility requirements have been expanded to allow more businesses to qualify. To determine if they qualify, employers can fill in the initial inquiry form at the bottom of the website, with no cost and no obligation.

It takes about four minutes to complete a simple 9-question initial inquiry form that helps the ERTC accounting team assess whether a business qualifies or not. If it does, then they will reach out to the employer shortly thereafter to explain the whole process in more detail and request the other information required to process a claim.

The team of specialists quickly identifies the best possible ways to maximize a refund. On average refunds are 40%- 120% higher than those of large payroll and software companies. No automated software is used in the processing and filing of a refund. Instead, they have a team of licensed American CPAs, attorneys, and customer service agents, employers can speak to at any time.

A satisfied customer shared “I admit we had no idea about Employee Retention Tax Credits until we spoke to Traci at ERTC Express. In just over 6 weeks, we learned that we qualified for $773K in total rebates!” Michael L. Multi-Location Retail Franchisee.

ERTC Express has a head office in Tampa Florida, with additional offices in New York, Nashville, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. They welcome and serve small businesses nationwide.

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