64% of Laid Off Talent Are Now Looking To Work Remotely

There seems to be no response to COVID-19 in regard to finding new work.

That was, until Switch was born.

Switch is the birth child of Wanted, the talent marketplace the future.

“Set your desired salary, drop your resume, and carry on with your life. In two steps, start getting offers from companies that commit to paying you more.” That’s the promise of Wanted, a New York-based startup. Wanted enables talents to anonymously receive job opportunities at a salary they would consider switching companies for.

Wanted raised a pre-seed round of $1.8 million from Partech, Hoxton Ventures, Kima Ventures, Nicholas Dessaigne (CEO of Algolia) and Dominique Vidal (Partner of Index Ventures) amongst others last January to prove its concept. Wanted is on a mission to make salary offers that are unaffected by gender, race, sexual preference or religion and to help talents to be paid what they deserve.

Wanted had a goal to make a way for talent find a new home and let struggling employers help them with a simple upload of a spreadsheet. 100% private & free. All the employer had to do was submit their talent list and we would find them a new home.

It took off. Since the launch of Switch, there has been some revealing data that is shaping the future of employment:

  • Fully remote work has become the alternative for 64% of laid off talent looking for their next job on switch.
  • New York and San Francisco are the most in demand places to work in the US.
  • Out of the 250 companies hiring, the majority of them (53%) work on data/analytics/cloud (computer software), fintech (17%) and education (6%).
  • The highest in-demand talent are software engineers (46%) and data scientists (12%).

Wanted has bigger goals. It wants to make the hiring process transparent. Starting with salary, it hopes to help prospective employees get the highest possible salary, while also allowing companies to find the best talent available for hire with a simple requisite for an introduction.

It could be a game-changer.

They only have one question for the industry: who wants to join the #KnowYourWorth movement?