6 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Vape Cartridge Packaging

Have you ever realized that more than 70% of consumers pay great heed to the product presentation while purchasing any product? And with the growing increase of consumers, their demands and expectations keep on changing. They would never settle for less in a big pool of saturation. In such circumstances, you must represent your vape item as the best product in the whole market. For this purpose, vape cartridge packaging with the best manufacturing and styling is all that you need.

You can easily get these boxes in different materials. But if you want to have a cost-effective solution, then don’t go for expensive materials like wood, glass, and tin rather get cardboard and kraft stocks. The ultimate benefit of these boxes is that you can get them entirely of your interest. To get a winning solution, the following tips may help you.

Know Your Target Audience

As a vape supplier, you might have known that vape devices are used by a certain type of people. It is not meant for everyone such as children. However, you must make it highly attractive so that it will seamlessly entice the target audience. You may classify the target audience based on how often they vape such as:

  • Those who vape frequently
  • Those who vape seasonally
  • Passive consumers that are still confused about the product

You must design cannabis vape cartridge packaging that can effectively attract all of the above-mentioned customers. However, you may add variety in the looks based on the age difference. For instance, an adult person may like a product that has mute colors and visuals while a young person may go to a product that looks bold.  However, in the end, it is the customer’s personal choice. Therefore, including different packaging designs can increase the chances of sales when you are targeting a diverse population.

Spend Your Money Smartly

Whether you are running a small business or a large one, money is always precious to you. You must spend it wisely especially when it comes to your brand image. For this purpose, firstly you must know how much budget you have for packaging. Now, if you are certain that you can spend a flexible amount on the packaging, you can go for high-end packaging features for your vape device. In other cases, you still have remarkable options with which you can lure the audience.

Cardboard or kraft boxes are cost-effective and you do not have to spend much to obtain them. With certain customizations in packaging, you can attract the target audience to your product. But if you want to add a luxurious touch to your product and you have a margin in your budget, you can surely get rigid boxes.

Pick Up The Right Material

For any product packaging, packaging material provides a base to it. Therefore, you must choose the material that is capable enough to meet all the concerns. The right material may have the following attributes:

  • Easy to obtain
  • Highly protective
  • Flexible to designs
  • Effective for shipment
  • Eco-friendly

Cardboard and kraft materials are highly recommended in this regard. Almost every product supplier has shifted to these materials due to which cardboard boxes have greatly replaced glass, wood, plastic, and tin materials. You can ensure your product safety by using cardboard boxes as they are brawny and durable. They not only keep your products protective but also increase their shelf life.

Use Unique But Simple Design

The competition is getting fiercer as the demand for vape products is increasing. Considering this fact, you must represent your business ideally. To achieve this goal, construct a design that will enchant the audience. You can use different styles of boxes such as slotted boxes, tuck-end boxes, telescopic boxes, display boxes, etc. Once you choose the style of the box, design the layout of the box. It should be decent and understandable.

You must specify the sides of the box for a certain type of print. Show symmetry in the packaging solution and ultimately a professional image will be built. You may create a unique and strange outlook but avoid making it complicated. In this way, you can easily get the attention of the customers.

Include Relevant Details

The number of vape brands is increasing as time passes. Also, people have become very conscious while buying something. They first verify the identity of the beholder and then consider the idea of purchasing. For this purpose, you must include certain details that will help the customers to get an authentic impression. These details may include:

  • Brand name
  • Logo design
  • Slogans or tagline
  • Product description

These details are meant to inform the customer regarding the product and beholder. Therefore, you must include relevant details that would best describe your brand. You may tell consumers your brand story with the help of visuals.

Use Different Add-Ons

By using some extra features, you may enhance the value of your product. You can have reasonable as well as high-end features in this regard. The following are the add-ons that are generally used.


Different inserts are used for vape packaging’s such as cardboard sheets, foam core, and Styrofoam. These inserts serve two purposes; protection and partition. The insert can hold the vape device so that it will remain intact. Or if you want to offer two-in-one vape boxes, you can use inserts to make respective slots for the vape items.


The surface of the vape packaging box plays a vital role in grabbing the attention of the audience. For this purpose, different varnishes and laminations are used. These coatings can simply make your product exemplary. For instance, you can use PVC lamination, spot UV, glossy, metallic, matte, and soft-touch coatings in this respect.


If you want to raise your brand growth, you must ideally present your vape products such as weed vape. Knowing your customers’ interests will help you to get a more remarkable packaging. Choose an interactive design for weed vape cartridge packaging so that the customer will understand the product without difficulty. Increase your product value with the help of suitable add-ons.