6 Important AI Applications which build a sustainable business

“Artificial intelligence is the future and the future is here” Dave Waters

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first introduced in the year 1951 by Christopher Starchy. Later on; the government funding gave direction to this concept and around 1980, we began to see the revolutions of AI. AI can be defined as the ability f the computer to perform such a task that can be performed by human beings. These AI tasks are done as per human intelligence and discernment. The combo of AI and IT has done wonders taking Masters Essay Help from professional writers is the IT service but detecting errors in it (if any) is AI assistance.  

AI and its types:

AI is undoubtedly the most complex and amazing human invention. It is being used in different forms but its full usage of it has not been done as yet. We have only experienced the tip of the iceberg with the current applications of AI and there is a lot more to come. We are connected with AI in some way or another without even releasing it.  Students who buy Cheap Dissertation Writing Services can proofread their content with the applications or tools of AI. Let us go through the different types of AI that have been introduced to us.

  • Reactive AI: Such type of AI has no memory and reacts to the stimuli only.
  • Limited memory AI: This form of artificial intelligence uses memory to respond.
  • Mind theory AI: This AI type understands the need of other intelligent entities.
  • Self-aware AI: It’s the kind of AI that has human-like intelligence and is self-aware.

AI and the business world:

Artificial intelligence has quite a wide range of uses in the business world. It not only streams different online jobs but also processes the data. AI has changed the form of business terms by using new technologies (Dirica, 2015).  It allows business owners to run their business smoothly through data transferring, cross-referencing, and file updating. Various artificial intelligence applications have been introduced that help in building a sustainable business.

6 important AI applications that assist in the business world:

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way people do business. You just need to keep in mind to “Believe in yourself” (Jessica, 2022). The business world has improved and become quite sustainable since the addition of different AI applications into it. We will be discussing a few of them in the following paragraphs.

1.     AI Recruitment software:

There is a huge competition in different companies where hundreds or in some cases thousands of candidates come to apply for a particular job. It gets difficult for the HR recruiters to do everything on their own, to sort out who is better qualified or who has more experience. Here the AI recruitment software steps in to ease the load of human beings. It filters the résumé and shortlists the candidates who meet the requirements of the company. This helps in the selection of the candidate in an unbiased way purely based upon the education, experience, and other criterion required for the job.

2.     Cyber security AI app (QRadar):

Artificial intelligence has made it easier for companies to detect any hacker getting into their accounts or detecting any spam messages. QRadar is one such application of AI that different companies and industries use to detect any hackers trying to get into their system and trying to leak information or hack stuff. Similarly; there are spam messages which are detected by this app before humans have to become a victim of it.

3.     Customer service AI app:

Juniper is one such app of artificial intelligence which performs the function of customer service. Customers can interact with companies in real-time and place their orders or lodge their complaints. They can get information or can do any possible thing with the help of this human care representative AI app. About ninety percent of customer care is managed by the artificial intelligence application.

4.     AI marketing app:

Marketing is the most important thing for any business; be it a sustainable business or any other form of business. Such artificial intelligence apps have been introduced which know the needs of the consumer and consider those needs to promote a particular company or a brand. Marketbot is one such AI app that does personalized marketing. In this type of marketing, customers are attracted to the product by highlighting the factors of customer interest.  

5.     Natural language processing app:

People used to think that there would come a time when machines will be able to understand human language. They will be able to read, write and understand just like human beiges. Well! That time has come and business owners are taking full advantage of this opportunity. NLP has helped business owners with the sentiment analysis app. This app saves time and streamlines the processes while making data-driven decisions as well.

6.     Business intelligence app:

A business intelligence application is yet another type of Artificial Intelligence app that helps to boost the business.  This business intelligence app finds insights from the data of the company that ultimately improves the effectiveness of the business.  This helps in understanding customers in a better way and builds business strategies for the better functioning of the business.

Setbacks of AI:

“AI is likely to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity” Stephen Hawking

Even though AI has brought some major reforms in our lives still there are some setbacks to it as well;

  • One needs to invest a lot of money to come up with a new AI machine or model.
  • As more and more machines are taking human place; they are ultimately resulting in more unemployment.
  • So many inventions to ease human lifestyle have made them lazy.


Artificial intelligence has brought some major reforms in the business world along with many other sectors or fields of life. Some of the AI apps used in sustainable business are mentioned above.


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