5 Steps Every Writer Should Know

Ever sat through a classmate’s slideshow and nearly fell out of your chair out of boredom? We’re sure you have and are looking for sure ways not to repeat the mistake. Creating slideshows is a fun way to add some images to your speech, adding some grit to a boring old class speech. So, instead of just adding bullet points and throwing on a template that looks nice, try out these tips from Sharpessay to give a presentation that will get you a standing ovation and a good grade!

Boring Presentation Mistakes

We do not doubt that you’ve seen a ton of boring slides in your lifetime. Whether it’s been a classmate, a professor, or an employer, it seems like there are so many people that just don’t know how to make them attractive. A typical boring presentation:

  • Drags on
  • Has nothing eye-catching
  • Is filled with text that’s hard to decipher
  • Is accompanied by a monotone voice
  • Makes listeners feel like they just wasted their life listening

Ok, so maybe the last one was too harsh, but it’s often true. That’s why taking some time to see how you can spice your slides up can save you from seeming dull. Don’t make your listeners bored and regret listening to you; give them something to look at and listen to. Put the fun back in presentations, following these tips.

Make Each Slide Count

An excellent way to think about slides is a compliment to your presentation. They should give your viewers a bit of information and something to look at while you explain away. One common mistake that students make is that they emphasize filling each slide with information, taking away from the point.

Another mistake is the infamous read-from-each-sliders. You’ve probably attended such presentations, with presenters just reading every single word on the screen. Instead, add a few key points, words, or visuals, and explain them in words. Give your viewers something to look at while your speaking, letting it compliment your speech, not take away from it.

A Little Goes a Long Way

When it comes to text, numbers, and graphs, a little goes a long way. Don’t fill up each slide with only words, as it will be a pain for your viewers to watch. Plus, let’s face it, it just looks messy. Experts at Do My Essay For Me suggest a few keywords or phrases on each slide, along with an image that will make the information stick. 

Easy on the Bullet Points

On top of large text blocks, another common mistake that students make is adding too many bullet points. First, let us clear one thing up; you can use bullet points. They are a great way to organize your text and hit on your key points. However, adding long lists of bullet points gets confusing. Also, adding lots of words and bulk on each bullet point can make a big difference, too. So, go easy on the points, and keep them short and sweet.

Focus on Visuals

Nothing is duller than a slideshow with words only. Presentations need visuals to accompany them so that your speech isn’t drab. Try to add visuals that explain what you’re speaking about, giving listeners something that will help them clarify your ideas. Get creative and add a mix of graphs and charts; then go in and add other images. To give your speech or presentation an extra kick, you can also add audio or some song, giving your viewers something for all of their senses.

Check Your Work

When asking experts at online help with assignment writing about the most embarrassing thing that could happen in a presentation, many of them mentioned errors.  The last thing you want while you’re speaking is something that’s just thrown together with a bunch of grammar and spelling errors. That’s why you should check your work as you go, giving your slideshow one last look before you finalize it and turn it in.

One thing that you can do is type up all of your slides and convert them into a document. Then, upload them to grammar and spell check software or website for an easier way to check. Don’t only rely on software; also give it a look over with your own eyes.

End With a Bang

We’re not saying that the rest of your slides aren’t awesome. But we are saying that you should save the best for last. Try to end your presentation with something that your classmates and professors will remember as one of the best presentations they’ve ever seen! You can ask a rhetorical question that leaves them thinking, use a quote, a song, a funny video, anything! So, think of something that will help drill your main point in and leave your classmates shaken by your stellar performance.

A-Class Presentations

Slideshows are one of those things that make you wonder, what did students do before them? They add something extra when you’re up in front of the class speaking, making it more accessible, less nerve-wracking, and more enjoyable. Instead of making boring slides that make your classmate’s heads nod, give them something that will wake them up and make them pay attention. Slides are there to help you spice up your speech, so use them wisely.