5 Signs It’s Time for Hardwood Refinishing in West Palm Beach

There are numerous great benefits of homeowners opting for hardwood refinishing. In West Palm Beach, refinishing is an option that many homeowners are choosing because it provides an immediate return on investment. It also helps to increase the home’s value, even more so than most other renovations that could be done. Still, many people wonder how they can tell if it’s time for their hardwood flooring to be refinished.

“If you have hardwood flooring, then at some point, you will need to consider replacing or refinishing it,” explains Salomon Cruz, company owner. “Refinishing is much more economical and better for the environment.”

Those who wonder if their flooring is ready for refinishing will want to keep these signs in mind:

  • Dents and scratches. When there are issues with the flooring, it can create safety hazards. Once the floor has scratches and dents, it becomes unsightly, which signifies it’s time for refinishing.
  • Splinters. Nobody wants to get pieces of wood in their feet. Not only can splinters be unsightly, but they can also be a safety risk.
  • Stains. These can be caused by water stains or other issues over the years.
  • Discoloration or faded areas. Whether caused by the sun beating on the flooring for years or something else, it can create flooring that looks old and ready for an update.
  • Displeasure.Homeowners who no longer like how their floor looks are a huge factor when it comes to being time for refinishing. It’s essential to enjoy the flooring once again.

“If you have questions about the process or if your flooring is ready for refinishing, give us a call,” added Cruz. “We are happy to evaluate it and provide guidance on what we can do and what the process would entail.”

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