5 Great Ways To Find The Best Hashtags For Your Instagram Account

Hashtags are a significant way to increase your Instagram following. They help users around the globe to easily locate accounts of their interest. But, is throwing away random irrelevant hashtags in your post help you grow? If not, how does one find the best hashtags for their accounts? In this article, we are going to help you pick the best hashtags for your Instagram account in just four easy methods. These strategies are very popular in the internet marketing community.  

  1. Familiarity of Audience

You need to be familiar with the audience of your account. You need to monitor what hashtags your viewers are using and which fits perfectly according to the post that you are making. The hashtags should be strictly relevant and targeted. You can also try using specific keywords that are frequently searched by your viewership. This shows your post on the top after a user has searched for the hashtag keyword.

  1. Research your Competitors

Competitors that have similar interests like your account and are more successful at the current moment are great tools to learn from—researching about how they are using hashtags, which hashtags are being repetitive according to your interests. This method extremely helps since you can view which hashtags your account is missing. It will also help you make money with Instagram by following their branding strategies.

  1. Acknowledge Trends

Trends change from time to time on Instagram or any social media application. Keeping yourself informed about an ongoing trend that is common with the type of content your account offers, you can greatly benefit from them. Users always search for the ongoing trend hashtags, using trending hashtags increases your account appearing in one of the top results massively. 

  1. Research Influencers

Influencers on Instagram are available in almost every industry. Try finding Influencers that are targeting a similar audience like yourself. Influencers are mostly well-establish among the viewership that you are targeting. Keeping a record of how your influencers are using hashtags in contents that are similar to yours is like learning from the best.

  1. Community Hashtags

Community hashtags are an excellent way of connecting to a new audience, improves the searchability of your post, and increases your followers. But what are community hashtags? Here are some kind of community hashtags:

  • Special occasions or events hashtags. Viewers all around the world search hashtags of days that hold importance, like #mothersday #whiteday, etc.
  • Products or service that you use in your account and is similar in viewers account as well. Using hashtags in products also helps attract a new audience, like #coffee #jumpers.
  • Phrase relevant hashtags are basically phrasing that you use for your account or what you aim to do like #becreative #dontgiveup.


Hashtags act like boosts when trying to gain followers for your Instagram account. Keeping yourself informed about the different types of hashtags will greatly help you target the audience that you are willing to reach. Hopefully, after going through this article, you will be able to find the best hashtag that will skyrocket your account followers.

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