5 Best Saas Tools for businesses in 2021

Businesses are making sure that they can turn things around and recover from everything that has happened so far. So to make sure that they perform exceptionally well on the internet, we have put together a list of the 5 best Saas tools for businesses that will help your business succeed in 2021

1. Venngage

Great visuals have become more necessary in the world of content marketing over the past few years. With more content flooding the online sphere, the best way to stand out from the crowd is by incorporating creative visuals in your content.

Not all companies have access to graphic designers or agencies. How can they create attractive visual content? By using a design solution like Venngage.

With a library of over 10,000 templates, Venngage offers a variety of business visuals, including infographics, letterheads, newsletters, posters, presentations, reports, and timelines.

You can customize templates easily with the Venngage drag-and-drop editor. Use diverse icons to capture a wider audience. The Venngage photo library also includes images for every business occasion.

Branding your visuals has never been easier—the Venngage ‘My Brand Kit’ feature allows businesses to add their brand logo, colors, and fonts with the click of a button.

Venngage also offers numerous export features, including interactive PDFs and PNG HD downloads. Newsletters can be exported in HTML, making it easier for marketers to integrate Venngage designs into email marketing platforms. Designing presentations? Export Venngage designs into PowerPoint.

Data visualizations have never been more important than they are now. Powerful and precise data visualizations can tell a memorable brand story. With the Venngage graph maker, chart maker, Smart Mind Maps, and Smart Diagrams, marketers can visualize data with ease.

Import your data into the Venngage editor and the charts do the rest of the work. Add, resize, and edit charts and diagrams with the click of a button with Venngage’s new Smart features.

Start creating Venngage infographics for free, and unlock more features with the Premium, Business, and Enterprise plans. The advanced plans also include team collaboration options, as well as live training for users.

Easy to use and affordable, Venngage is the ultimate design solution for businesses of all sizes.

2. ViIBE

ViiBE is a French video assistance solution created in 2017 by Marc Prempain and Charles Demée. Originally designed to provide remote assistance for public emergencies, ViiBE focused on frictionless, one-click, no-download accessibility from the launch of its first version. This technological advantage has subsequently allowed the company to develop and deploy rapidly for B2B, B2B2C, and B2B2B use cases in several sectors such as energy, retail, transportation, insurance, construction, and aviation. Following the expansion into new sectors and use cases, ViiBE is now present in over 70 countries around the world.

Today, ViiBE is the web technology of remote video assistance, ticketing, and knowledge management designed for technical and customer support services. It promises the best remote diagnosis thanks to a live video stream combined with AR and collaborative tools.

In the communication interface, an expert or inspector can send a link to an operator in need of assistance, or on-site employees preparing for an inspection to start the call. In one click and without download, the person receiving the link will have access to ViiBE video communication with the expert. They can then use various collaborative tools to diagnose and solve the problem.

ViiBE’s solutions help companies improve their NPS, eliminate unnecessary CO2 emissions, reduce truck roll, increase customer satisfaction, and improve internal knowledge sharing. Furthermore, ViiBE is integrated into leading customer resource managers (CRMs) to promote user adoption, including Microsoft Dynamics, IBM, and ViiBE’s historical partner Zendesk. Globally, ViiBE can interoperate with all of its customers’ IT ecosystems. 

ViiBE is widely recognized as a leader in the remote assistance market and was named the Best Remote Video Assistance Solution in Europe by Frost & Sullivan as well as one of the Top 100 Startups to invest in for 2021 by Challenges. In addition to these titles, ViiBE won the gold medal for the Most Innovative IT Provider at IT Night and was nominated as a member of the Top 30 partners in the insurance sector by Assurtech.

3. Acquire

Acquire is a unified customer experience platform that believes that the best practice for all 21st-century businesses is to be people-centric regardless of their size and type. To be people-centric, the first thing they must do is to communicate better; most importantly online.

Founded in 2017, Acquire was designed for businesses to have better conversations with prospects and customers online. The founders Amrit Dhangal and Laduram Vishnoi wanted to bring humanness in digital interactions between customers and business owners. The goal was to make online conversations as good as those we have offline and in-store, if not better.

Acquire is an omnipotent customer experience platform that helps businesses create a video-makingygital customer experience, offering proactive customer support across the customer journey.

This platform houses a host of tools to empower your sales and support teams. Here are all the tools you will get in Acquire.

Live Chat Software

  • Attracts visitors and returning customers by offering them contextual conversations.
  • Store valuable feedback through forms 24/7
  • Integrate with chatbots, video, voice, and browse
  • Target chats the video-making cording to specific segments

Conversational AI Chatbot

  • Have smart, contextually relevant conversations with visitors and customers through bots
  • Automatically answers FAQs round the clock
  • Integrates with social media messengers and other CX tools
  • Help customers to self-serve


  • Enable a two-way, browser-based interaction, without downloading any software
  • Let live agents offer an assisted online shopping experience
  • Customers can hide sensitive elements of a page, like credit card input fields. The software meets all major data and security regulations.

Knowledge base software

  • Have a rich and accessible digital library of written resources
  • Instantly send blogs, user manuals, case studies to visitors and customers while chatting
  • Create articles on the go with ready-made templates
  • Automatically gather all branded written resources from across the internet, even social media

Unified Inbox

  • Creates a centralized platform for all customer communication
  • Allows agents to have multi-channel communication with a customer
  • Gives agents access to all past interactions to offer resolutions quickly

All these tools mentioned above are mobile-friendly and can be easily integrated with customer experience and sales software.

In a very short time, Acquire has helped hundreds of businesses with its tools to increase conversion rates, enhance customer experience, multiply sales, and generate better ROIs, making it a go-to tool for your all CX and sales needs.

4. Biteable

Biteable is the world’s greatest video maker, right in your browser. Designed as a streamlined experience for beginners and pros alike, Biteable empowers to you to make professional-grade videos fast and reap the benefits of video for your business.

Get started with hundreds of striking and effective video templates designed by an in-house team of video making experts, customizable with colors, fonts, and music. Visit the Biteable template library to check out the selection for yourself. If you want to start with a blank canvas, build your video from 1.8 million stock clips and images. Whether you’re making a video for sales, promotion, engagement, or anything else, Biteable has the tools you need to get the job done on your coffee break.

If your videos need a personal touch, Biteable has an in-house team of animators regularly updating the platform with exclusive, professional animations that can be fully customized to suit your brand and message.

Use Biteable for all your promos, presentations, training, and social media videos. Explore Biteable for free using the watermarked basic plan. Experiment and download as many videos as you want. You can upgrade to a paid plan to remove the watermark.

5. Dopely Colors

Colors can talk, even when your brand couldn’t! They shout much louder than words. Color is more than just what you see, they have personality and can easily influence marketing and sales. You have to cultivate strong emotional connections with your customers while certain colors can evoke certain feelings. Certainly, you have to select a color scheme, because repetition of the same color can strengthen brand awareness.

By choosing the right color for your brand, you can improve its aesthetic while also making it more accessible to your target audience. Additionally, it is one of the most important elements of design, and design is all your brand can demonstrate to stand out, at least for new customers. In less than only 90 seconds, people make a subconscious judgment about an environment or product – and between 62% and 90% of that judgment is based on color alone! So, it matters to choose them wisely. In every aspect of branding, color plays a major role, and Dopely Colors is here to solve all of the color problems you have!

Dopely colors have three main sections, Tools, Explore, and Blog. Do you have a design team? Encourage them to choose and create colors and palettes professionally with Dopely tools. These tools are used by various designers to pick colors, blend, mix and convert them, and adjust shade, tone, and tint. Don’t have a design team? That is alright. You can explore thousands of color schemes, and get inspired by famous brand palettes and the reasons behind their choices. You can even learn how to choose your ideal colors that match your business the most! By using Dopley Colors, you can step into the infinite land of colors, and even beyond, you can manage colors to promote your business brand.