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5 Affordable Luxury Watch Brands For New Collectors

You don’t have to shy away from a quality wristwatch because of the price. At the same time, some brands have quality wristwatches you can buy with a small amount of money. Most people want to wear classy wristwatches, and that has led some wristwatch brands to produce wristwatches that you won’t need to break the bank to buy. By just buying from some other brands with significant collections, you can have a great wristwatch to show off. 

Buying a premier luxury watch can drain your resources, especially if you are insistent on buying from a particular brand. As a watch collector, you can start collecting more affordable options and move up from there. This article is about the best affordable brands you can buy the best quality watches from. 

1. Tissot

This is one of the leading brands of wristwatches supported by two factors. The first to look at is the long-dated history they have, since more than a century ago. The second is that they are a Swiss brand, and that means quality. Tissot watches are an exception to every other swiss watch because of their cheap suitable offer for wristwatches. You will still be able to buy a luxury wristwatch from Tissot for a low price of $1000. Tissot also has a brand ambassadorship through sport and sports events. 

They are one of the best brands collectors can start from. It offers quality watches at an affordable price to all its customers. If you are looking to have Tissot, You can find so many models for under $1,000. Tissot Couturier Lady is priced at just only $295, which is the lowest price in their brand. Tissot Classic Dream and Supersport Chrono are options that are priced between $300 to $500. 

Apart from Tissot giving out very affordable, high-quality wristwatches, you also find out that their watches are solid and durable. It can even be a significant investment and can be passed on from generation to generation. Tissot is keen on its high quality at all times, even though they export thousands of watches annually. They always make sure their watch stands out of the market. 

Tissot should be your first target if you are looking to get a price within your budget. It takes a lot of research to develop sport-specific watches, proving their credibility and authority to satisfy your needs. As you can find many fake Tissot watches made outside Switzerland, you should check their authenticity before buying them. Acquiring Tissot wristwatches from verified sellers can save you from the trouble of counterfeit timepieces. But outside of that, you can put your mind at ease when you have genuine brand wristwatches from Tissot.

2. Timex

This is one of the most accessible brands to shop from. Their wrist watches are lower in price than you can expect. You can always trust that a Timex watch can be accurate, precise, and durable. Timex started their brand in the US, and now they have grown exceptionally well producing quality and affordable wristwatches. You can get a wristwatch for as low as $50 and still get a high-quality product from them. They also sell some quality wristwatches in the $100-300 range.

3. Swatch

Swatch has been a well-known brand for about three decades since it has been established in the ’80s, and till now, they still retain the quality of watch they are putting out to the market. If you are interested in getting an everyday watch that’s unique, well-designed, beautiful, outstanding, and durable, this is an excellent brand that assists your desires.

The name of the brand was coined from “second watch” in the ’80s. They are also a swiss brand and were referred to as one of the biggest watchmakers in the world. They produce classic, original timepieces that are affordable for anyone. You can get an inexpensive swatch watch of about $100-$300 without any drop in quality.

4. Casio 

This is another affordable wristwatch luxury for starters. Casio manufactured the G-shock that gained a lot of popularity amongst watch lovers. They have a high tolerance against shock, water, gravity, vibration, and low temperature. The goal of G-Shock is to produce a wristwatch that will never break despite factors that affect it. More than 200 handmade samples were created and tested to destruction until eventually when the wristwatch was finally launched on the street of Japan and began to establish itself since then.

The G-shock watches are water-resistant and very strong. This is one of the reasons the Navy prefers the Casio G-shock DW 6600. It is lightweight, water-resistant, and has good shock protection.

5. Seiko

Seiko is a Japanese brand with one of the most outstanding timepieces in the world. It has grown over time since 1881 in Ginza, Japan, to a more luxurious company. Seiko watches can upsell the whole wristwatch market like Rolex watches, but they choose to stay with their very affordable price. Seiko watches have proven it’s valued repeatedly and show that they could be very reliable and durable even under extreme conditions.

Even in 1960, the brand moved into a more profitable market by creating Grand Seiko but choose to stay within the affordable wristwatch category. You can get a strong Seiko watch worth less than $150. Although their luxury prices also start from $10000 with the Grand Seiko wristwatch. 

In Conclusion

You shouldn’t allow the excuses of money to hinder buying from one of the best brands in the markets. Just get an affordable watch from brands you wouldn’t have to empty your pockets for. These watches have almost the same feature as the wristwatch you find in luxury watches. A high price isn’t always synonymous with quality. However, there would be a difference between luxury watches worth thousands and those worth a few hundred. Luxury watches are sometimes made with precious metals or stones like sapphire. These valuable materials are most likely excluded from more affordable options. Always remember to buy from certified vendors to get the best quality possible.