4 Top Wellness Websites You Need To Follow In 2021

Mental and physical health has been one of the most discussed topics right now as we are going through a major pandemic. Most of the people in the world are spending their time cut off from the outside, which is attributing to a lot of growing issues. From digital wellness apps to fitness blogs, the internet is filled with different helping materials for people who are looking to improve their physical and mental well-being. In this article, I am going to highlight some of my top picks for well-being. You can find tons of helping material on these websites which are going to help you live a better life. 

Andis – Essensy (eCommerce Platform)

The very first website on my list is one of the best eCommerce platforms where you can easily buy a wide range of self-care products. You have endless products to choose from, ranging from skincare, supplements, tools & devices, personal care, and makeup. Andis focuses on providing natural beauty and wellness products to its users at a discounted price so that their expectations regarding the online shopping experience are met. You can easily buy your favorite products from the platform and achieve your personal health goals. 

Healthline (Health Blog)

Now that you know where you can buy the products to take care of your health, let me introduce you to the best health blog on the internet. Healthline covers different facets of mental and physical health so that people understand everything about their body and how to take care of it. You can also learn some basic and advanced facts about different medical conditions and medications. Their community is very helpful so if you have any questions in mind, make sure to hop onto their discussion panel.

MyFitnessPal (Fitness Blog and Application)

One of the most important things an individual has to do in today’s world is to take control of his diet. While a lot of us munch down on fast food without caring how many calories we are taking, MyFitnessPal provides users with a fully functional mobile application through which they can track and keep a check of their diet. You can also peruse through their online blog, which contains some of the best educational fitness articles regarding diet tracking and losing weight. 

Yoga Journal (Mental Health Fitness Blog)

Last but not least, while most people pay attention to physical wellness, I am not going to let you forget the importance of mental well-being. A lot of people, especially teenagers, are suffering from mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. While such conditions are becoming pretty common, no one really knows how to deal with them in an effective way. 

Yoga Journal is an online magazine that helps you take control of your mind and achieve mental peace through yoga as an exercise. You can also read real stories of different people who suffered from mental health issues and learn how they overcame these issues so that you can do the same.