4 Staging Tips To Help Sell Fast in New Jersey (2021)

Staging a home is fundamental when selling a New Jersey home fast so here are the four best tips.

1. Declutter

The presentation of a property to prospective buyers is what will really sell the house. The buyer must be able to imagine living in the house while strolling through its rooms.

So, for example, hide all personal items like personal pictures, dirty laundry, refrigerator covered with notes and reminders.

Before a buyer comes to walk around the house, go through each room with a notepad and write down a list of items that are too personal to be seen by anyone. Once these items have been removed consider what may take their place, for instance, a more neutral décor item like a coffee table book or flowers.

2. Sensation overload

When a prospective buyer comes to visit the house for a showing, it’s about much more than what they see with their eyes. Emotional cues play an enormous but largely subliminal role in how people will see the home.

Consider the following:

Play some music softly in the background to create a relaxing atmosphere, thereby seducing them into their own fantasy world in which this is their dream home. Have a scented candle flickering and burning with the homely smells. Have a soft and cozy blanket folded up lovingly on the couch, enticing them to take a seat.

Doing these things mentioned above will make the home feel cozy, and will encourage buyers to hang around for longer than planned until they make a better offer than expected.

3. To every room there is a purpose under heaven

Clean up spaces that are used for too many things and make it appear as if it only has one purpose. For instance, a guest room cum office can subconsciously make the house seem cramped and lacking sufficient space.

So make it very clear that the room is either a guest bedroom or an office but not both. Consider converting unused space into something fun like a game room or library.

Creating well-defined spaces will make the buyer feel less confused about the spaces they are working with and allow them to more easily imagine themselves living there.

4. Spick and span

Spend a day deep cleaning and making small repairs. A superficial clean probably won’t do it. Prospective buyers always notice the little things when they walk through a house so make sure that the property is squeaky clean and that all the minor repairs have been completed. If potential buyers find too many items in need of repair during the showing they’ll cross it off their list and continue looking for something that is good to go.

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