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First, December 9th 2022, from 8am-6pm an 8-hour virtual summit will launch the new App which cojoins two decades of modernization with technical solutions for businesses and talents to gain access to top influencers, going to the ezwayawards.com

Mission Viejo, California Dec 3, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – “3rd Annual EzWay Awards Golden Gala”

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Throughout the multiverse of mergers and acquisitions companies like Apple and Amazon have thrived where others have failed. However, eZWay Broadcasting’s CEO, Eric Zuley, also referred to as theDigital Dick Clark” has stayed the course of this digital millennium and grown his platform to dizzying heights. Now it’s time to really spread the wealth with the Third Annual eZWay Wall of Fame Golden Gala.

An epic two-day event will launch and reveal to the world immeasurable game-changing opportunities that will transform the lives of the many who will participate and tune in. There will be an App launch that encompasses over twenty years of innovation, and the 3rd annual star-studded eZWay Wall of Fame Golden Gala Awards Show extravaganza that gets bigger and better every year.

First, on December 9th, 2022, from 8 am-6 pm an 8-hour virtual summit will launch the new App which cojoins two decades of modernization with technical solutions for businesses and talents to gain access to top influencers, elite business solutions, and the ability to connect with service providers, speakers, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and celebrities from around the world at the touch of a button.

Then, on December 10th, 2022, EzWay’s 3rd Annual Golden Gala Awards. Last year’s Host, former Entertainment Tonight Host, Pat O’Brien was exceptional in the final award show performance of his iconic and illustrious career. This year’s award show will be hosted by Eric Zuley, Hollywood Walk-of-Fame Honoree Kate Linder (The Young and the Restless) and actor, and director Trae Ireland (Family Time), and Johnny Venokur (VP Development in Reality Television).

This year the event will take place from 5 pm-8 pm PST, then there will be an interactive networking party that will be from 8 pm-11 pm PST.

The interactive networking party takes place in a virtual world metaverse from 8-11 pm PST and will include 4 stages with live performances, dancing, a concert, a meet and greet, and a map with the different venues which you will effectuate with a Virtual Avatar that will simply teleport you to your desired location(s) within the event. I know, cool huh?

There will be a Musical Performance by legendary singer Bootsy Collins of the Parliament Funkadelic, Leroy Butler the singer who brought us “Who Let the Dogs Out!”, a dance performance by electrifying Soul Train dancer Scorpio, a comedy by supermodel, actress Eugenia Kuzminia, award-winning singer John Michael Ferrari and Actress/Singer Kitra Williams (Diary of a Mad Black Woman), C-Tru, a viral sensation for his song “California Party” Feat. Snoop Dogg was Discovered by DMX. You will literally be blown away by the star-studded lineup, which will undoubtedly be a show that goes down in the history books.


Eric Zuley – (Founder of eZWay Network)

Kate Linder – (Young and The Restless)

Trae Ireland – (Netflix, BET, and more)

Johnny Venokur – (VH1, Paramount Plus)

Segment Hosts:
Queen Corazon Ugalde Yellen (Crowned Miss Asia USA)

Katherine Kovin Pacino – (Al Pacino’s Step Mother)

Megan Johnson (Crowned Miss Texas)


Kevin Sorbo (Hercules)

Omar Periu (Co-Founder of LA Fitness)

John Carr (American Philanthropist)

Bootsy Collins and wife Pattie Collins – Parliament Funkadelic

Damon Feldman (Founder and creator of Celebrity Boxing)

Bill Walsh (Founder and CEO of PowerTeam International)

Cylk Cozart (Award winning Actor/Director)

Dr. Joe Vitale (The Secret) and Lisa Winston- Iconic Power Couple

Richard Tyson (White Men Can’t Jump)- In Front of Lens Legend Award

Andy Dick Celebrity Comedian)

Hawthorne James (Star of “Speed” and “Five Heartbeats”)

Eric Roberts (award winning actor) and his wife, Eliza Roberts

Legend Presenters:

Sharon Lechter (Best Selling Author) – Top Author Legend Award

John Carr – The Frank Shankwitz Everyone Can Be A Hero Award

Kate Linder – Volunteer Legend Award

Alec Stern (Legendary Entrepreneur) Entrepreneurial Achievement Legend Award

Jeff Hoffman (Priceline) – Serial Entrepreneur Legend Award

Lester Speight (Transformers) Don’t Talk About it Is About It Legend Award

Dr. Dante Sears (Founder of Wealth XO, SearsX) – Heart of Gold Legend

Greg Reid (Secret Knock) Power of Perseverance Legend Award

Jim Zuley (Podcast Host) Faith Conquers All Legend Award

Shea Vaughn (WWTVN) World Wide Impact Legend Award

Zondra Evans (Zondra TV) First Annual Blue Rose Brilliance Award

Category Winners:

Ronnie Tsunami- Mentor of The Year Award

Michael Adam Cohen -Master Connector of the Year

Adam Chandler – Tech Master Award

Thomas Churchill- Filmmaker of The Year Award

John Michael Ferrari – Performer of the Year Award

Leroy Butler – Entrepretainer Award

Marlena Martin- Event Producer of The Year Award

Master Teresa Yang – Health Professional of The Year Award

Ruth Wishengrad – eZWay Family Award

Flash Bugatti – Rising Star Award

Doug Ferfuson – eZWay Behind the Scenes Award

Dr. Wendy Labat – Zondra TV Blue Rose Brilliance Award

Patty Sadler- Sharon Lechter Top Author Legend Award

Brian Willis – Frank Shankwitz Everyone Can Be a Hero Legend Award

Jen Duplesis – Greg Reid Power of Perseverance Award

Kitra Williams – Lester Speight Don’t Talk About it Be About It Legend Award

Jason McNamara – Alec Stern Entrepreneurial Achievement Legend Award

Shawn Bearman- Jeff Hoffman Serial Entrepreneur Legend Awards

Tracey Richards – James Zuley Faith Conquers All Legend Award

David Chametsky – Speaker of the Year Award

Lynda Marie Roy – Dr. Dante Sears Heart of Gold Legend Award

Matt J Doyle – Podcaster of the Year

Rachana Jain -Business Woman of the Year

Tony Taylor- Affiliate of the Year

Bright Enablele – Businessman of the Year

Thomas Churchill – Filmmaker of the Year

Shyla Day – Influencer of the Year

Master Teresa Yeung – Health Professional of the Year

Asim Ali – Kate Linder Volunteer Legend Award

Carmelita Pittman – The Shae Vaughn Award World Wide Impact Legend


Bootsy Collins – Funk Legend

Peppermint Pattie Wife

Scorpio Legendary Soul Train Dancer, and Michael Jackson Tribute Artist

Eugenia Kuzminia – Models of Comedy

Leroy Butler – Former Lead Singer of Bahamen’s “Who Let The Dogs Out”

Fly Dance Group

C-Tru Viral artist sensation with Snoop Dogg

John Michael Ferrari – Award winning singer, songwriter

Dr. Kitra Williams, As seen on Tyler Perry and Oprah projects

Shevyn Roberts – Award winning artist, opened for Justin Bieber

With the world on edge for transformation, power players are congregating as they understand EZ’s digital mastery. His innate desire to inextricably draw these masterminds together is genius. If you are striving for more influence, connection to greater audiences, and to stand out in your field, then go where the brightest stars are and bask in an array of emulsion by doing it the EZ Way! eZWay stays true to their calling by allowing luminous innovators and talents to shine and collaborate while doing what they love.

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