3-Day Workplace Productivity Challenge Announced By Future Health Now

Future Health Now’s new workplace productivity challenge and webinar are designed for entrepreneurs and professionals who feel stressed and overwhelmed. Created by Health & Wellness Champion Shavonne Reed, the “Get Your Productivity Back Challenge” aims to help participants increase their energy, maximize their output and find more fulfillment in their work without damaging their mental and emotional health.

Learn more information and join the challenge by visiting https://www.workplacewellnessspeaker.com/get-your-productivity-back-on-track-challenge

As part of the new challenge, entrepreneurs will learn how to strike a work/life balance, identify what is holding them back, and receive expert strategies to create more meaning and purpose in their work.

Reed explains that she divided the challenge into three modules so participants can focus on a specific area of improvement each day. As such, day one is dedicated to learning about the value of introspection. Reed says that accurately assessing one’s mental and emotional state is essential to pinpoint the issues draining productivity.

Learning how to overcome barriers to success, Reed believes, should be the next step toward fostering a more productive workplace environment. In her challenge, she recommends strategies to promote mental health in the workplace and foster a supportive environment among coworkers. Finally, Reed’s 3-Day Challenge ends with a workshop on the importance of creating healthy work habits, which can improve efficiency and job satisfaction.

The challenge starts on February 14th and is delivered via a series of 90-minute workshops. Reed believes that by completing the challenge, participants can develop the necessary skills to feel more in control and equipped to complete their daily tasks with less time, effort, and stress.

“I created this challenge for those who are feeling stuck in a job that drains them and leaves them unfulfilled,” explained Shavonne Reed. “It is designed to help participants identify what’s keeping them in place and release it,” she added.

With the new productivity challenge, Shavonne Reed and Future Health Now are helping burned-out professionals improve job satisfaction, reduce stress, and increase workplace productivity.

For more information on Future Health Now and their new 3-day productivity challenge, visit https://www.workplacewellnessspeaker.com/get-your-productivity-back-on-track-challenge

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