2B A Rising Star Provides Talent A Stage Online With New Contest…June 1st

2B A Rising Star Provides Talent A Stage Online With New Contest…

Fame and fortune awaits online artists.2B A Rising Star is proud to introduce the worlds only monthly online talent search looking for aspiring artists and superstars of the future. This innovative platform is designed to give aspiring artists and entertainers the opportunity to showcase their talent from the comfort of their home, uploading as many videos of themselves to the website, which then will be voted on by viewers. The artist with the most votes in each of the 21-plus categories, which ranges from singing to cutest baby, WINS. Up to $10,000 per person per category per month. The show was created because there is an enormous amount of untapped talent in the world struggling to get discovered. Sending a video online makes it easier and much cheaper to be seen while building a fan base. 2B A Rising Star gives everyone and anyone a chance to audition, and from the comfort of their own home. Aspiring artists upload their video(s) to their chosen category, and every month, voting determines the winner. 2B A Rising Star represents a modern alternative to waiting in line for days at talent shows, which are often too difficult to appear on anyway. Robert Kenneth, the founder of 2B A Rising Star states that the main purpose of the monthly contest is to help aspiring talents connect with entertainment professionals a very tough and expensive road to attain stardom and we can connect the talent with the professionals in this marketplace that can make things happen.

The show will feature a wide range of professional guest hosts from the entertainment industry, and will critique positively, not negatively, like others do. The 2B A Rising Star has a pay it forward mindset, so even the less fortunate can be helped. So, as our world has changed recently in many ways, it will also change in the way talent and aspiring artists get discovered, and taking control changes lives forever. By sending a single video from home, lives can be changed with 2B A Rising Star. Don’t miss out on this life- changing opportunity!

More information can be found at: https://www.2barisingstar.com

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