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$250 Million Reserve For “Picassol NFT Auction” (You Can Also Win a Free NFT)

Billionaire inventor and crypto enthusiast “Elon Musk” got the attention of thousands when he tweeted: “Who else is waiting? PicasSOL Auction.”  Even though the tweet was up for only around 20 seconds, it was enough to bring awareness to Picassol NFT project prepared since January 2021.

Prior to Elon’s tweet, the Picassol project and the identity of its more than 6000 VIP buyers have remained private… 

The community of “VIP buyers” comprises crypto-enthusiasts worth several hundred million dollars, world-famous billionaires, CEOs of multinational corporations, and countless celebrities.

Recent surveys and research revealed that 99.9% of the general population are completely unaware of the Picassol NFT project. 

They also revealed that several of these VIP buyers (like Elon Musk) have mistakenly exposed their identities and affiliation with the Picassol project over the past year.

These developments have occurred despite the fact that the project and its activities are strictly based on reference and largely shielded from the public eye.

Some of the famous celebrities linked to the Picassol project include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Daniel Radcliffe and Paris Hilton.

Many of these rich and famous VIP buyers have made suggestive comments that point to the Picassol project on their social media pages, radio channels and during live stream events. 

What is most shocking is that aside from Paris Hilton and Elon Musk, the majority of these VIPs are very secretive and have almost never had any connection to cryptocurrencies or blockchain based projects.

However, they have mistakenly made statements linking Pablo Picasso’s exquisite paintings with modern digital art technology and a private auction.

While we cannot confirm that every celebrity that has made any of these statements is directly involved with the Picassol project, we can confirm that the Picassol project is the “Only NFT Project” that combines Pablo Picasso’s paintings with modern digital art for sale during “Private Auctions”.

Check out the Picassol project’s Discord channel for “Detailed Information” about their Private Auctions. You can also visit their website but in short, there are “Three Parties” that must come together for the private auctions to take place.

They are:

  • NFT minters who mint Picassol artworks for $50 – $100 in “SOL” (VIPs can’t mint)
  • 6000+ VIPs who don’t mint NFTs but are willing and able to buy minted NFTs for “average” of several millions of dollars.
  • The Picassol system which comprises 100+ specialists in the NFT space.

The entire Picassol NFT ecosystem was carefully designed to ensure that all parties involved win big. Since its preparation in January 2021, they have operated a system that allows VIPs to seamlessly acquire NFTs even when they cost millions of dollars.

The Picassol system is very sophisticated and efficient because it is the product of more than a year of preparation and laying the groundwork. As such, it will be extremely difficult to replicate.

You can find more “detailed information” about “how the Private Auction works” on their Discord channel. The channel also shows that their VIPs have all created burner Discord accounts so that they can join on the private auction date.

The Picassol project’s “Mint Date” is scheduled for sometime between November and December 2021. Mint fees will be between two and three digits and payments will be made in Solana. (SOL)

NFT minters on the Picassol platform are considered lucky because of the potential profits they stand to earn. As such, it is crucial to stay tuned to their Discord channel for updates about the mint date.

Also, because the Picassol project was recently publicized, they still hold many free NFT giveaways on their Discord channel.

Now is the “Best and the Earliest Time” to get involved in the Picassol project. If you join their Discord channel and invite your friends, you can easily get on their whitelist for a “Free NFT” because the mint date is still many weeks away.

Anyway, we don’t know if Elon Musk was drunk or if he posted that tweet by mistake because it was deleted after only around 20 seconds; but we know that he has prepared $250 million in Solana to purchase as many NFTs as possible at the Picassol private auction.

Within just five minutes of browsing through the Picassol project’s website, you will realize that Picassol operates on a completely different scale from other NFT projects.

Anyway, “Now is the Earliest Time to Join” and also “Bizarrely Funny to See 6000+ VIPs Burner Discord Accounts” that they already joined, “Only” to use for the monthly private auction dates. 

Stand a chance to win a free NFT worth up to eight figures when you join their Discord & follow their Twitter. Here are their official links:

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Contact name: Jackson Miller

Company name: CryptoPublishers LTD

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