21st Century A|EYE Announces Pilot Partnership With Golden Rule Charter School

This new partnership will bring the 21st Century A|EYE autonomously-driven threat detection platform to the school’s campus. The Golden Rule Charter School was chosen as the first school to model the school security system because of their status as a National Blue Ribbon School serving primarily minority students and members of socio-economically disadvantaged communities.

More information is available at https://21stcenturyaeye.com/

21st Century A|EYE’s recently announced partnership will bring the company’s next-generation AI monitoring system into the campus’ security ecosystem, which will provide the school’s security team with a suite of powerful new security tools. The 21st Century A|EYE platform functions autonomously through the use of AI threat detection and in tandem with human alerting via a supplementary 21st Century A|EYE app, available to students, teachers, and staff, to facilitate the safest learning environment possible.

This partnership received the backing of education pioneer Julie Pickren from the Texas State Board of Education. Member Pickren stated, “Texas has experienced too many tragedies which have cost us children’s and teachers’ lives. My district has experienced this first-hand with the Santa Fe school shooting. Texas is taking action now to keep our children safe.”

Superintendent Dr. Vicente Delgado added, “with this new AI technology, we believe Golden Rule will become a beacon that other districts and charters will soon follow. The protection of children’s lives is paramount, and the partnership understands the importance of taking action to help prevent the next tragedy from occurring.”

In celebration of this partnership, Golden Rule Charter School’s IT Department, security team, faculty members, and members of the Dallas SWAT team were shown and collectively impressed by the video demonstrations of the AI technology in use, which displayed the software’s proprietary detection and prevention mechanisms. Individuals present at this demonstration were hopeful the new technology will help avert future school shootings.

“Every year, parents pray, and politicians promise a solution. We are offering 21st-century solutions to a 21st-century problem. Today, we are proud to stand together, solutions in hand, in protecting the sanctity of children and youth from becoming the headline of the next national tragedy,” states founder Said Bilani.

“Anytime you develop something that can be a proactive instead of a reactive solution or preventative measure to a problem such as school shootings, anyone in state education or local education, from superintendents to elected officials, are most likely going to give you an ear to be able to show that you can help save lives in their district,” said company co-founder, Brannon Castleberry.

The new 21st Century A|EYE platform integrates with a given CCTV system and employs Artificial Intelligence technology to detect, locate, and alert in real-time. If the automatic detection system recognizes a weapon, 21st Century A|EYE will discern the threat, geo-locate the position, and issue an alert to the proper authorities.

If a threat is detected, first responders (both on-site and local authorities) will receive a real-time alert. The system is intended to be a cost-effective solution to a systemic problem, seamlessly integrating into pre-existing CCTV camera infrastructure and autonomously detecting, locating, and alerting for active shooters. This fully integrated AI platform works 24 hours, 7 days a week, and is not dependent on human monitoring.

21st Century A|EYE is the innovation of innovator, Said Bilani, who built the weapons defense and detection platform while at Harvard University, and business partner, Brannon Castleberry, both of whom have collectively provided strategic security consulting services to political and private entities across the country, and who hold extensive governmental affairs and political influence, domestically and internationally. This partnership with Golden Rule represents the culmination of years of experience and an ongoing commitment to public safety on the part of the company.

Additional details can be found at https://21stcenturyaeye.com/

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